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I'm Luminita, aka PurposeFairy

I’m a small town Romanian blogger, author, and spiritual teacher who managed to free herself from the wounds of the traumatic past and create a purposeful life for herself.

In Love with spirituality, mysticism, and personal growth, I am constantly using the knowledge and wisdom accumulated through intense study and direct personal experience to inspire and empower people from all over the world to create happiness, meaningful and fulfilling relationships, live on purpose and fall in Love with their unlimited and divine selves.

I had many moments when I wanted to give
up writing...

Mostly because of the many ‘well-intended people' who kept ‘advising me' to get a real job. And stop with this nonsense called ‘writing’.

But thank God I didn’t.

PurposeFairy is NOW in the TOP 100 best personal development websites in the world.

Fairy Fairy

I Am a Published Author

Having written the most viral personal development article on the Internet, the biggest publisher in the world, Penguin Random House approached me and offered me a book deal.

My book, 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy has been translated in languages like Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Czech, Romanian, Turkish... And there are many more translations to come.

I Am a Public Speaker

Just a kid when this first happened, I was fortunate to share the stage with people like Lisa Nischols,Vishen Lakhiani and many other personal development authors.

After that, TV appearances, radio shows, podcast guests, and many other great opportunities followed... And all because of this ‘nonsense’ called writing.

Luminita Saviuc aka Purposefairy at Awesomeness Fest Mindvalley Dominican Republic

I Am a Podcast Host

SoulSeries Podcast by PurposeFairy was created as a way to inspire and empower people from all over the world to return to this breathtaking place the Soul calls Home so that we can all learn to craft our lives from a place of Peace, Love, and Serenity. And no longer from a place of fear, limitations, scarcity, and helplessness.

The Podcast is available on Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify, and many other platforms.

... and most importantly, I Am a Child of GOD

This is a title I wear proudly... but humbly at the same time... For I have learned that we are never alone on this path we are walking.

We never were, and never will be...

And that the same Loving Intelligence that created us all, is within us and all around us – guiding us, loving us, and keeping us safe through it all…

God is my Father. God is my Mother...

Luminita Saviuc aka PurposeFairy Child of God

What gets PurposeFairy all ecstatic?

Making people feel a lot more loved, worthy, and alive. Less lonely and afraid. Because let’s be honest, this planet can feel like a madhouse at times... and oh, so lonely.

We all have moments when we need someone to believe in us, especially since the world around us is provoking so much doubt and fear.

We need someone to believe in us so we can find the courage to start believing in ourselves as well.

If I can be that ‘someone’ who says to you: I believe in you. You can do this!… Then I am fulfilling the work I came here to do... And that's what truly matters.

Luminita what makes me ecstatic

When mind and heart join together, PurposeFairy is born.

And it gives birth, through a beautiful dance of Faith, Love and Surrender... of Trusting and Letting Go, to a world filled with color, peace, laughter, meaning, joy, power, serenity, freedom and purpose.

Luminita Saviuc masculine and feminine

PurposeFairy is the masculine and the feminine...

... the rational and the intuitive, the scientist and the artist, the conscious and the unconscious.

The parent and the child, the ying and the yang, all coming together in perfect harmony, no longer to fight and try to dominate one another. But to unite and become balanced in Love and Oneness.

PurposeFairy is a return to Innocence...

A reminder that we are truly powerful. And that there is a purpose to our lives and a reason for our existence.

PurposeFairy is You… Me... Him and Her…

PurposeFairy is all of Us working together to create a better self, a better life, and a better world.

Luminita Saviuc Innocence 1

The first time I spoke about my traumatic past...

A few things I'm grateful for...

For the God within me...

For that One Holy Being who helped me come out of the darkness and back into the light with his Love.

For the many divine and loving beings who believed in me when I couldn't. And who helped me learn, grow, and become the person I Am today.

For my kind, genius, generous, loving and forgiving sister, who did so much for me and this beautiful blog. You are amazing and I love you!

And for this beautiful blog and the PurposeFairy community. I am humbled and honored to be part of your journey... You are changing the world through your Light and Loving Presence... Thank you!li

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This is the first time I appeared on camera. Can you tell how nervous I was?

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One of my favorite media appearances in Romania.

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