6 Tools to Reaching Your Goals Using Mindfulness

Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now. ~Denis Waitley

So often our behaviors do not reflect the goals we’ve set for ourselves or what we value in life. If we are not clear on what those values are we may easily wander off course leading to unnecessary suffering.  Using a mindfulness approach to achieving what you want in life will make achieving your goals easier. Mindfulness is about being aware of your actions and how they affect you rather than living on autopilot.

If you find yourself struggling to meet the goals you’ve set for yourself, these tools will keep you on a clear path towards getting the results you want:

6 Tools to Reaching Your Goals Using Mindfulness

1. Be Clear

Know exactly what you are aiming for and what changes you to expect to see.

2. Gain Focus

Commit to what you want and do not allow yourself be pushed around by negative thinking or external distractions.

3. Discover Internal Motivation

Understand why the goal is intrinsically important to you deep in your core and do not expect extrinsic rewards.

4. Change your Behavior 

Keep doing what you’re doing unless you want different results. This includes your thinking patterns.

5. Observe your Thoughts

Rather than playing tug of war with negative thoughts, let go and allow them to float by without letting them get in the way of your goals.

6. Embrace the Unpleasant

Learn to expect negative experiences as a part of life and plan ways to overcome them.

These tools can be used for any self-improvement goal you are working on including physical health, education, work related, parenting, or intimate relationships. If you don’t have goals set start by reflecting on what is important to you in life, what you can’t live without, or what you want to be remembered as. Your values begin to guide you like a compass and goals are like the stepping stones. Every move you make and every decision you make in life will either get you closer or further from living your valued life.

It may be helpful to select a mentor or someone who can hold you accountable to your values when you’re working on your goals. A friend or mentor can help you recognize patterns of behavior that are not in line with your valued life. Choose someone who is not quick to criticize or judge you. They may have achieved similar goals and are willing to share their story with you. They can also help you celebrate success, which is important to positively reinforce the changes you’ve made.

You are worthy and deserving of living a meaningful life!  And reaching your goals is entirely possible using mindfulness.


Cortney Harden

Cortney Harden, MSW, RH is the owner of Mindful Wellness, providing practical solutions for optimal well-being. Based on the Island of Oahu but also offering virtual sessions, her approach is to help you make mindful actions that are in line with your personal values and commitments to self. Using Biofeedback, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Somatic yoga among other healing modalities, she believes everyone has the right to live a healthy and balanced life free from dis-ease.

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