7 Critical Factors Supporting Life Success

I am a big believer in having a Life Purpose Statement from which to base your choices and actions.

After doing the self-research and identifying your strengths, values, passions and calling, what rises to the surface is a commitment you can then choose to express by contributing your best self to others and making a real difference in life. That difference is captured in a heartfelt statement that typically includes:

– Identifying Gifted Talents and Core Passions

– Stating the Purpose (of helping, serving, or contributing to others in a particular way)

– Sharing the Vision (in order to achieve a stated outcome).

Having made your commitment to a Life Purpose, however, does not mean you must give up having a joyful life! What it means is that you have put your rudder in the water and are heading in a direction you choose based on your authenticity, a direction that in contributing who you are to others you will find wonderfully satisfying.

The alternative is to find your boat tossed around in the wind, going hither and yon as it changes direction. The wind can be likened to outer circumstances, and your boat can be likened to your reactive ego and an indecisive mind. You don’t want that.

And get this: as you are focused on your purpose and easily achieving great things, you also get to play golf on the weekends and go to a movie once a week! Heck, you may even become so powerful in living your purpose that you can go to two movies a week and not even miss a beat!

So, assuming you now have a purpose statement, what are some other things to consider in moving forward into that wonderfully satisfying life I mentioned?

Here are 7 Critical Factors Supporting Life Success

1. Vision

Write out the story of how things turned out in 20 years. Go there in your creative mind, and describe all the great things that happened during that time. Don’t hold back! By doing this you can then backtrack in five-year increments, and see what things you needed to do during that period to get to your twentieth year.

Then another five years back, and so on. By the time you finish describing your vision you will have such tremendous energy that even a team of wild stallions could not hold you back!

2. Set Intentions

Let your mind settle from all your enthusiasm, and look at the last five year period (the next five years from now going forward) and write down that things that you will have had to achieve, complete, or finish in order to someday arrive at your 20 year mark. Those things (say 5-8) are called “markers” – not unlike a marathon runner that wants to achieve a certain time within the first five miles, and so on. You have now done a very similar thing.

3. Vision Board

It is good to have a visual representation of your five-year vision, so find magazine photos that represent the picture in your mind of those things that you will have achieved during your first year.

No need to go five years out at this time with your vision board; rather, picture those things you want to accomplish in the first year, how and who you will contribute to, and the results you will have achieved. It’s quite OK, by the way, to put down an income amount of money, which is a good thing, as it will keep you on your path of contributing and having fun!

4. Practice being kind to yourself

If things don’t show up as you expect or want, that is the way life works! Don’t fight with the reality in front of you~ because if you try to change something that already happened you will lose 100% of the time! Lean (here’s where practice comes in) to accept your circumstances as they are, and simply return to your intention and envisioned marker, persist by taking more action, and keep on keeping on.

I find that a meditation practice also helps in acquiring an inner peace when things don’t turn out the way one’s ego mind had intended.

5. Action

Some actions are better than others. The ones I find best support the outcomes I intend are those that are aligned with intuitive ideas, insights, an enthusiastic response, or a heartfelt impulse. “Fighting” with a future goal by pushing hard to “get there” is counterproductive and depletes your energy. You can, as I do, also ask your soul for guidance and consequently feel nudged into action at times!

6. Catch yourself (giving the wrong message to yourself!)

The one thing more than any other factor that causes something to not work out, are the unconscious limiting beliefs we have unknowingly been conditioned to take on.

If you hear yourself tell yourself you can’t do something because____________, this probably comes from a childhood false interpretation you made. Just ask that message to sit in the corner for a bit while you take a risk and bust through what was once stopping you. Success comes from appropriate risk taking. Get some support and go for what you most want!

7. Have Fun!

There are three major purposes we all have as human beings, and they are:

a. Discover your own unique Life Purpose

b. Bring the natural Divine Harmony into the earth by practicing kindness, compassion, and love to those you meet along the path. (This Purpose is made easier if you look for the goodness in each human being, and forgive them for showing up disguised as a “________!”

c. Enjoy your life! Sing, dance, and play are among the most profound activities you can engage in!

So there you have all you need to know to live a life of joy and full self-expression. Pretty easy, don’t you say? If you can think of any other idea that comes to you, put it to the test and play it full out. After all, playing full out is what life is all about, don’t you agree? Share your insights by commenting below.



Jim Koehneke

Jim Koehneke is a transformational Business & Life Coach committed to assisting people discover their passion, overcome limiting beliefs, and be that person who lives from purpose, acts with power, and manifests their dreams. Jim has published two books, “Creating and Living Your Purpose” and “Take Charge of Your Life!“ To learn more about Jim or to contact him: www.jimkoehneke.com

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