6 Things You Should Forgive Yourself For

“Forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past and all the things you think you have done wrong. That was the best you knew how to do at that moment. Now that you know better, you can do better.” ~ Luminita D. Saviuc

Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness has the power to liberate you from a world of pain, fear, darkness, and despair. When you forgive yourself, you make the journey from self-hatred to self-love. And you go from living in absolute darkness to becoming the light of your own life. 

6 Things You Should Forgive Yourself For

1. Forgive yourself for not accepting yourself completely.

There is no point in looking back with regret to all those times when, because of lack of self- love, you rejected, abused, or mistreated yourself. No need to blame yourself for not knowing how to love and accept yourself.

What’s done is done.

Those were some dark and painful times, no doubt about it. But the time has come to put it all behind you. The time has come to release the pain, the struggle, the blame, and all those painful memories and return to a place of peace.

Forgive. Forget. Let it all go. And set yourself FREE.

2. Forgive yourself for seeking approval in all the wrong places.

We do what we are taught how to do. And we all learned to look Outside ourselves for all the things we thought were missing from Within ourselves.

How can you blame yourself for looking for love in all the wrong places when that is what you were taught how to do? How can you be mad at yourself for thinking that all the love you needed was Out there instead of Within you?

It’s not your fault.

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In fact, it’s nobody else’s fault. And the time has come to free yourself from all those lies and illusions. The time has come to forgive yourself for thinking you needed Their love and approval – to feel Whole, Validated, Worthy, and Enough, so you can return to a place of Wholeness, Real Value, and True Worth.

3. Forgive yourself for thinking you are ‘not enough.’

In each moment, no matter where we turn, we are constantly reminded that we are not enough – not good enough, successful enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, educated enough, loved enough, and so on… There always seems to be more to be done and more to acquire in order for us to become Whole and Enough.

We are told lie after lie, after lie. And in our innocence and naivety, we believe each and every one of these lies… But there is no need to continue believing these lies. No need to fill your heart with sadness any longer.

Look within. Reclaim your Worth. Realize your Perfection. And forgive yourself for thinking: ‘I am not enough.’

4. Offer yourself forgiveness for past mistakes.

To be human is to make mistakes, to fall down and make a fool of yourself at times. But if you learn from your mistakes, they can no longer be called mistakes, but rather valuable life-lessons.

Forgive the past for its mistakes. Forgive yourself for not knowing any better. And forgive the world for being so harsh on you at times.

Let it all go.

Free yourself from all that heaviness – all that blame, anger, and resentment, and allow forgiveness to turn all your wounds into wisdom and all your pains into joy.

5. Forgive yourself for all the judgments you have placed on yourself, and others.

It is in those dark moments when we feel lost, unworthy, unloved, and unhappy – with ourselves and our lives, that we judge and complain – finding faults and seeing the worst – in ourselves and everyone around us. When we are at war with ourselves, we are at war with the whole world.

But there is no need to remain at war.

Through forgiveness, you can heal the parts of yourself that once felt neglected and in pain. And you can go from judging – the world and yourself, to truly loving – the world, and yourself. 

6. Forgive yourself for temporarily giving up on your hopes, dreams, and goals.

6 Things You Should Forgive Yourself For

When things don’t go as planned; when pain weighs so heavy on you that you can no longer bear to live another day; when the world seems to turn against you, you simply give up…

You give up on yourself. You give up on your dreams. You give up on your health. And you give up on everything… 

It happens.

You fall down, it hurts, and you no longer want to get back up, nor do you want to continue walking on the same path that brought you so much pain and misery…

But you have to get back up!

Your dreams are calling you. Life demands to be lived. And resistance will only cause you even more pain…

Forgive yourself for thinking you can give up on your hopes and dreams. And dare to rebuild your life and make it ridiculously amazing. 

It can be done!

And these are the 6 things that are worth forgiving yourself for. I hope they will inspire you to let go of all that weights down on you so that you can reclaim your freedom and return to peace.

~love, Luminita💫

** What is one thing you feel like you need to forgive yourself for? What is one thing that won’t let you be at peace?


Luminita D. Saviuc

Luminita is the Founder and Editor in Chief of PurposeFairy.com and also the author of 15 Things You Should Give Up to Be Happy: An Inspiring Guide to Discovering Effortless Joy. For more details check out the 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy Book Page.

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