Dissolving the Myth of Competition

When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you. ~Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Who is the best? Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

Who is the strongest country in the world? USA or China?

Who is the best political party?  Democrats or Republicans? And who is the best singer on American Idol?

We have been programmed to think in order to be successful, not only do we have to be better than the people we are in competition with, but we have to be the best. But it is impossible to be better than another person at anything you are meant to do.  Because each person in the world has a unique role in the world that only he or she can fulfill.  There will never be another Shakespeare, Oprah or another YOU for that matter!  

I have learned my unique gift to the world is to heal your emotional experiences and wounds from your childhood.  And to do all of this in a medical setting so I can introduce the power of emotional healing to people who would not actively seek out professional help in this regard.

These are stories of my clients, and many of the people I encounter in my life.  It’s like the entire universe wants me to know that this is the work I meant to do.  I did a workshop last month for women who were abused, in prison and recovering drug addicts and hearing their tragic childhood stories made me feel at home. Home because I knew in my heart this is the work I am meant to do.

Dissolving the Myth of Competition

I used to have the mentality that in order to generate more business, it’s best to be of service to the widest variety of clients and have as many clients as possible.  Yet there are hundreds of thousands of nutritionists in the world which all can we all help you with weight loss and healthy living.  But I know now we will all attract different clients, with different journeys.  I know now that each client I have is the perfect client for me because I am fully aware of my unique role in this world.  And now each of my sessions is even more powerful beyond my imagination.  Not only do I experience this is in my office but in my “incidental” everyday encounters.

For example, every Saturday I go to a local Vitamin Shoppe to introduce my services, and it was slow this past Saturday so I was just reading my book.  This lady was standing across of me while waiting for an employee to get the supplement she needed.  And she just suddenly broke down crying in front of me.  I looked at her without any judgment, and in turn, she looked back at me with a feeling of ease.

She asked me if I worked here, and I told her I am a holistic health practitioner visiting today.  She told me she was battling cancer.  The cancer was around her thyroid.  Your thyroid I remind you is your center of self-expression because it sits on top of your voice box.

In the way she talked she was extremely frantic and emotionally unstable.  It was obvious to me that there had to be a strong emotional component to her cancer (remember one of the leading causes of cancer is repressed negative emotions.) I ended up asking about her relationship with her parents, and she revealed they are only in her life when she gets ill.

(You see I can just be minding my own business reading a book and the Universe will send me the work I am meant to do right at my doorstep.)

And the last time they were in her life was two years ago when she had her first experience with cancer. She explained to me, at that time she had tumor growths all around her neck.  After recovering, her father disappeared from her life again and she was deeply saddened by it.  She admitted that she believes why the cancer is back is from the two years of wondering why her dad did not want her in his life.  I did not ask her this, but it’s almost as if she gets ill because that’s the only way she can get her parent’s mere attention.

I looked into her eyes and told her, “Your parents have their own insecurities and their own pain. And what they do to you comes only from the pain within themselves.  It’s not about you at all. It’s about them.”  A little life began to come back into her spirit, “Really?? I needed to hear that so much. Thank you.” She paused for a moment and said, “You know I’ve been praying for you.”

You see we all have a unique purpose and gift.  It is like we all play an individual role in this worldwide screenplay. And each person is the only person in the galaxy that can fulfill his or her role.  Another person’s role is not any more or less important than yours.

To use an example, I had a friend tell me recently she set out to create many products that were a part of her dream vision, but couldn’t start on even one product because she feared what she would put out in the world wouldn’t be good enough.  She admitted the messages conveyed by her mother growing up made her feel she wasn’t good enough.

I told her “You are the product. You are the gift.  All you have to do is express yourself fully and the perfect product will come out because it’s who you are.”

We were all born and created Great. Anything short of greatness you are only cheating yourself and your creator. All gifts are meant to be shared, so by not honoring your gifts, you are cheating the world of the miracle that you are.

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Michael Hsu

Michael Hsu is a certified holistic health practitioner, nutritionist, life coach and owner of his individual practice Heal From the Ground Up. Michael helps people target the root of their health issues by healing their complete health through nutrition and emotional well-being. For more information go to his website at www.healfromthegroundup.com or to see how he has helped others read his client testimonials on his Yelp page.

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