10 Steps to Create What You Desire

These 10 steps will help you create what your desire in your life in a way that is fun and easy.

1. Name that which you want but do not have

This first step to creating what you desire requires some new awareness, as what you want may be combobbled up with a mess of thinking that now rests in “I’m not happy or satisfied.” So pause, take a breath, and let rise to the surface new clarity about what you are missing and now want.

2. Consider this: is what you want solely about you, or might it benefit others as well?

In my view, corporations that focus on profit, rather than on a bigger mission or service, are missing the boat. Those corporations typically operate in a low-trust culture that limits innovation and inspired action. Conversely, corporations that have a service or products to offer that benefits others, and work toward that vision, profit is acquired naturally. Same is true for people. If you find yourself solely on the “me plan” (as Sakyong Mipham says), you may be limiting yourself in achieving bigger outcomes that serve both you and others.

3. Your “because” statement

Answer: “Why don’t you have it?” Your “because” statement probably points you to an old mind set (thought-belief-habit) that is keeping you from having what you want.

Good to write out your “because” statement and not just think about it. Once you get it on paper you will automatically gain the awareness of what has been stopping you that may seem real, but actually is not true. Check out the actual facts, and take care of what’s physically missing that you have control over, like needed training or experience. If you have the necessary resources, then a good deal of what’s keeping you from what you want is locked in an unconscious limiting belief and needs to be unearthed and reinvented.

4. Name a new condition that you want present in your life.

Saying “a million dollars” is not useful, because it won’t come flying in the window. But rather than being practical, be thoughtfully specific. Delve into the possibilities, and come up with what calls to you. If you think it is about money, first ask yourself how a certain amount of money would actually make a difference. If you answer, “an updated or new car model”, hold the vision of that car instead of a dollar amount.  If you really want to target a money amount, identify the specific target outcome you desire and are committed to.  For example, “more money” won’t work; but “add $20,000 to my bank account in the next five years,” does work. (Then you might brainstorm how you can add to your current income flow or cost reductions to achieve your goal.)

5. Visualize the outcome as present, now.

Experience how achieving your intention feels. See it visually accomplished. Think how the achievement will benefit you. Relish in your success. Give yourself a ‘high five’ and say out loud: “Yes!” (Fist pump appropriate!)

6. Adopt a new mindset that affirms the reality you desire.

Best to start with “I am . . . (fill in the blank) and lovingly repeat this affirmation throughout the days ahead. Again, in addition to saying it, see it completed, and how great it feels!

7. Listen to your inner guide (intuition) for inspired ideas.

Jump on any insights and quickly take action. Do whatever you can to move closer to your target achievement. I find that sitting quietly and asking a pertinent question if most often followed by a thought/answer “popping” in my mind. Acting on intuitive hunches can open up new possibilities. Keep going~ committed persistence is powerful!

8. Track and acknowledge small gains you are making.

More fist pumps are very good! Any small celebration actually creates greater inner confidence, which in turn leads to additional risk-taking and more powerful outcomes.

9. If you notice you are on the wrong track, immediately take a “comeback” action such as:

Sometimes you just need to break through some resistance, or add-in a fresh affirmation that inspires action. Reinvent a way back or ahead, and keep going.

Check out new resources you made need, including education, training, or coaching assistance. Having a trusted partner is hugely important.

Modify your approach based on new information coming your way. (The analogy of an airplane being off course most of the time on its way to the destination applies; because the pilot keeps making small course corrections, the flight arrives at its destination pretty much on time.)

10.  Arrive at your target destination

Arrive at your target destination, (or next step on your path), pat yourself on the back, and appropriately celebrate big time! (Fist pumps are now mandatory!)

A really simple way of thinking about the process is this:

Set Intention – Vision (see & feel) the Outcome NOW – Accept Whatever Your Get – Recycle the Process – Claim Your Prize

And these is how you create what you desire. What about you? Is there something you want to make happen? And if there is, what is one step you can take to move closer to making it happen? You can share your comment in the comment section below 🙂


Jim Koehneke

Jim Koehneke is a transformational Business & Life Coach committed to assisting people discover their passion, overcome limiting beliefs, and be that person who lives from purpose, acts with power, and manifests their dreams. Jim has published two books, “Creating and Living Your Purpose” and “Take Charge of Your Life!“ To learn more about Jim or to contact him: www.jimkoehneke.com

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