Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

What exactly ARE we striving for? A Car? House? The girl? The guy? Family? Vacations? Career? And then bigger and better of these? Is this ALL there is to life? At a time in my life where I had a wakeup call by simply asking if this is all there is, came the realization that there is more, a lot more. While I’m not saying these things are NOT important, of course they are and nice too, however the question (a very important one is WHY do you want these things in life anyway

By now you’re probably asking “so are you saying these things don’t matter”? My answer is NO. They do.

Are You Doing Things in Life That Don’t Really Matter?

But I will tell you that if you acquired all the physical and material things you ever wanted, you still wouldn’t be completely fulfilled. Ever have the feeling that there’s something missing in your life? What happens is, let’s say by the time you were 40 you had all you wanted and did everything you set out to do. What then? would you repeat your life over in a more elaborate way? Perhaps you would re-marry, earn even more money, take bigger vacations, buy a bigger house, better car and so on. Do you think this will make you happy and fulfilled? Don’t get me wrong this is all nice & you deserve all this and more but at some poin, you may discover this ‘stuff’ is not fully ‘doing it’ for you anymore and somehow you don’t feel complete.

At this point you will begin to experience an inner voice telling you something is wrong, incompleteness, that there should be more, there MUST be more, you will ask ‘is this all there is to life’?

So what is it all about? What does matter?


To find your purpose you will need to look within, find a quiet place ask questions, talk to God or your higher self, do this often until things begin to unveil.

Try measuring your wealth by what you are than by what you have. ~Anonymous

Questions like these will help your discovery:

Why am I here?

What is life all about?

What is my mission/purpose in life?

You will realize your awakening when:

1. You realize there is more to life.

2. There is more to the self – you will realize there is more to give to others because there is more to yourself.

3. That there is a ‘oneness’ – the realization that everything is connected.

I want to share something with you, when people grow old in life and perhaps are reflecting, it often becomes clear what life was really all about. It wasn’t just the material ‘stuff’ but rather meaning and experiences life had to offer. I have observed many people who regret not doing the things that really mattered the most to put it off to a ‘someday’. You are here for more, a life full of purpose instead of regrets and to do this requires you to find your true identity.

How to move forward

Begin to continue to ask the questions about you life’s purpose and find out your values and set goals and make decisions based on your values. The rule is you live by a set of values anyway even if you are aware of them or not, the key is however to find the values that are right for you and what you want to accomplish this will help you realize your true identity. Take action on your goals and ‘experience’ all life has to give then you will know by all of your new experiences what you are doing is right.

‘Listen’ to your feelings they will guide you and let you know what is right for you when you are feeling happy, beautiful, generous, caring, loving and grateful you are on the right track. When you feel fear, anger, resentment & hate something in your life is wrong, use this as your compass that will guide you when you are unsure.

People love others not for who they are but for how they make them feel. ~Irwin Federman

Material possessions are nice, really nice but they are not the only thing that matters. The hard hitting realization is that there is more to life and more to YOU.

Are you doing things in life that don’t matter? Why? Do you think you can let go of them?  I really want to know what are your thoughts on this. You can share your insights by joining the conversation in the comment section below 🙂


Diana Reid

Diana Reid is a beach lover, philosopher & Entrepreneur. She Is all about helping you find purpose, authenticity & happiness, which Is why she created The Personal Freedom Project. To learn more about Diana, visit her website, The Personal Freedom Project.

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