5 Ways to Make a Meaningful Difference in the World

We can all make a meaningful difference in the world….

On Making a Meaningful Difference in the World

One question we should all try to have answered before we go to sleep is “What have I done to move humanity forward today?” Opportunities present, even in the most subtle or minuscule manner, whereby we can take an action that makes this world a little better place to live.

We have a moral and ethical obligation not only to advance humanity but to also understand our role in preserving the delicate balance of the natural world that is an integral part of us.

That is the beauty of our capacity as Human Beings, the realization that there is no limit to what we can accomplish if we really want an end result.  When we take an action, not for selfish recognition, but for the Purity of doing the act simply because it is the “right” thing, the doors that are then magically opened revealing rewards not for individuals, but for all living beings in our Universe.

Start the process by taking 5 steps to getting outside of the Self and looking at how to enhance the world around you.

How to Make a Meaningful Difference in the World

1. Accept who you are and your unlimited capacity

Many of us are confused in what we can offer because we do not recognize who we are and what gifts lie within. The process of making the decision to look outside yourself is a part of your spiritual journey. The realization that there is more than the Ego, the Me, and what I can gain out of this life is a huge step for many of us.

We are encouraged to take those actions that enhance the Me, without really considering the Us. Our minds are molded from birth by many forms of media and even our families to think about the self. Under the guise of increasing our self-esteem from the outside, we have forgotten the much bigger picture.

Step outside your comfort zone and use the intuitive side to escape this box and begin to think of others. There is no doubt that you will encounter uncomfortable situations that test your mettle and challenge you to the core of the belief systems which have taken decades to develop.

Going to Honduras with a religious group whose form of worship was foreign to me changed the course of my life when I realized how petty my “problems” were compared to people who were trying to just survive. Once you realize that when you look outside of yourself all that happens is growth as a person, you will begin the never ending process which catapults you to achieve your fullest potential.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” ~Buddha

2. Make a meaningful difference by being an agent of change

By saying to the world I am an Agent of change, you have now altered the mindset that has restricted your actions and belief in yourself. By saying I Matter, you recognize your intrinsic worth and translate that to the myriad of interactions with the world as you recognize the value in all that are connected to you.

3. Make a meaningful difference by determining your intention

Major movements in recent human history seem like seismic shifts, but their germination occurred years before and the final action is the culminations of many intertwined circumstances. There is not one act of kindness that is too small, so long as the intention is present. Combining our minds and hearts leads to action. With the right frame of mind, we innately know what to offer in order to better other people’s lives. This may be as simple as smiling at or wishing a total stranger to have a nice day to helping a neighbor with a plumbing issue.

4. Make a meaningful difference by using your talents

Each of us is born with gifts that are unique to us. People can play an instrument that has the same six strings, but how that tool transforms is up to our own innate ability. Share what you have for the simple sake of sharing. Asking nothing in return you will gain everything.

5. Make a meaningful difference by looking for places to volunteer

Look at your community and see where your talents are needed. Even if places don’t advertise for help, make the offer. If you are volunteering somewhere outside the norm, cherish the lessons you will learn from the uncomfortable situations you are placed.  By volunteering at a school, the impact on a child’s life by an act of kindness is immeasurable. By becoming a part of a community clean up, your labor to enhances and preserves the natural world around you.

We value and are selfish with our time. Thinking outside of the Me and sharing what you have to offer with those around you will change your life and how you look at everything in the world around you.

We are all connected to each other and we have to accept that the Universe has weaved a very delicate tapestry that is always in danger of slowly being unraveled. When we finally start to reflect on what is happening, we sometimes doubt our own power and wonder what can one individual do about the human condition.

To quote my partner when others were lukewarm as to what she was trying to accomplish by a humanitarian project, “no one seems excited about things, but it just takes one, and I’m excited.”

Get excited, make a difference!

How can you best use your time to make a difference?  I really want to know what are your thoughts on this. You can share your insights by joining the conversation in the comment section below :)


Victor Reyes

Victor Reyes enjoys writing, lectures nationally on the issue of domestic violence and traveling to perform humanitarian work. He is currently working on a book about his experiences working in the matrix of the judicial system.

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