Money Isn’t a Dirty Word How to Use Money to Serve Your Purpose

“What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. When we do what we are meant to do, money comes to us, doors open for us, we feel useful, and the work we do feels like play to us.” ~ Julia Cameron

To Use Money

So many of us cringe at the image of a person who loves money. We tend to think it’s tacky, greedy, and not noble to strive to be rich. And for those of us who want to do work that serves the world in a positive way, money can start to feel like a dirty word.

And I’m here to change that.

I don’t believe money is the root of all evil. Nor do I believe money can buy happiness. But I do believe that when we can get rid of our hang-ups around money, it allows us to serve the world in a bigger way. Especially if your career is centered around doing good in the world, it’s important for you to embrace making money as a part of your making-a-difference strategy.

It’s time to stop shaming yourself for wanting to make money in your career or your passion-based business. You might think it’s noble to work for free or low cost and help the less fortunate, but there is nothing noble about not being able to pay your rent. So I think it’s time to learn to use money to serve your purpose and live a happy and fulfilling life.

How to Use Money to Serve Your Purpose

In order to do good in the world, you must be able to take care of yourself first. And when you do that, you stop playing small and you can fully step into what you were put here to do – fulfill your purpose through your work.

Here’s how you can start shifting your money mindset right now:

1. Acknowledge that what you do has value

And even more than that, acknowledge that who you are has value. All of us have our own unique gifts that we don’t think are that remarkable, when in fact, these are the very traits that others admire in us.

The more you can play up who you are at your core, the more you will see the value that you bring to the world around you. And the more value you can find in your own self-worth, just the way you are, the easier it is to see why people would pay you for these qualities. You are different and special, and you deserve to be paid well for doing that special thing that only you can do.

2. Start to use money in a way that helps you love them

Like, really love it. Part of this practice is being grateful for all the things that money helps you do in your life. With money, you can buy yourself healthy organic food, you can support your local charities, you can give your kids an education.

When you start to realize how the money you make is able to be filtered back into your life s a source of growth, you start to become grateful for every penny you earn, because you know it allows you to give back to yourself and your community.

Money Isn’t a Dirty Word: How to Use Money to Serve Your Purpose  How-to-Be-Happy-The-10-Day-Happiness-Challenge

3. Stop discounting them as something you don’t need

Learn to use money instead of having money use them. Stop discounting money as something you don’t need, and imagine a life where money flows freely. Recognize that you DO need money to live, and pay attention to how it would feel to no longer have to be penny-pinching, or budgeting carefully every month. Imagine a life where you had all the money you wanted, more than you knew what to do with.

How would you use money? How would you spend it?

What would you do with it? Imagine the possibilities of how you could use that extra money as a force for good in the world, how many lives you could shape it, how many of the world’s problems you could solve by re-investing it back into your community. 

Start thinking of money as a possibility instead of a burden, and notice how much energy that brings to your purpose in the world. Money could help you build that school in Africa, or support your local animal shelter, or run the women’s group you volunteer at.

Money is essential in helping support your purpose and passions. And it’s essential to use money as a tool.

When you stop being afraid to use money and start allowing yourself to fall in love with it, doors open for you like you might never have imagined. Making money is not a sin and wanting money is not a sin. Money gives you the gift of taking care of yourself and those around you, which allows you to live a life that lets you help the world in a bigger way.

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Money can be used as a force for good in the world. You just have to let it in.

What about you? Do you believe money is the root of all evil or have you learned to use money in a way that enriches your life? Share your insights by joining the conversation in the comment section below.


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