What Are the Qualities of a Strong Woman and How to Get Them

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” ~ Diane Mariechild

Being a strong woman is not about behaving like a man. Instead, it is about embracing your femininity and showing it to the world, while making sure that you take control of the things that you’re doing and get them done. This is why motherhood is one of the best proofs of how strong women can be.

Why Are Mothers Strong?

Motherhood does not only change a woman physically but emotionally and mentally as well. While the physical wounds brought about by the ordeal of bearing a child would heal, it’s a completely different story when it comes to the emotional aspect of a mom. This change will make her vulnerable until her last breath.

Motherhood makes a woman family oriented. It’s not about her hair, her manicure or her clothes anymore. She has to grow up and be a more responsible individual to take care of the life that she helped bring into this world.

A mother always makes sure that she’s able to provide what her children need. Despite how successful or glamorous she might be professional, motherhood will always make her feel like a lion protecting a cub. She becomes fierce and strong when it comes to dealing with threats that put her children at risk. She instantly becomes a hero and a mighty fighter.

Motherhood makes a woman more attuned to the needs of others, especially that of her children. She always makes time to listen to her kids, to give them a hug when they are in pain. She nurtures them endlessly like a patient gardener who becomes happy only after seeing her plants grow into a full bloom.

Despite her own stress, she always attends to her to-do list, which usually involves the children. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to kiss her children and hug them tenderly. Her smile is always ready for whoever needs it.

What Qualities Distinguish Strong Women

Strong moms and strong women, in general, share the following qualities that make them stand out among the rest:

1. Strong women know who they really are

They have already identified their needs and their goals. They always put their dreams over anything else. They are not embarrassed to show their genuine self. Although life is a fast evolving process, strong women will continue to grow while staying true to themselves. They do it partly by giving time to let their interests and passion develop. Another reason for their success in being honest about their identity is that they recognize their strengths and use them as leverage to be successful in life.

2. Strong women stick it out for themselves

They are truly confident and know a good cause when they come across one. They would show intense passion for their advocacies, something that vulnerable adolescent girls should have these days as they deal with peer pressure and bullies.

3. Strong women like to challenge themselves

They want to keep growing and improving, which is why they are keen on pushing themselves more even onto new boundaries. They make sure that they don’t only do good but better.

4. Strong women always have room for improvement

Despite their strength, confidence, and capabilities, they don’t slack off and say “I’m better than everyone else.” They don’t grow complacent for the sake of improving themselves. If they don’t know certain things, they don’t hesitate to ask questions and get answers. Strong women are not ashamed about still having to learn a lot of things, but this doesn’t mean that they are not willing to teach what they have learned to others. Although they are confident about what they can do, they don’t let it stop them from learning more.

5. Strong women know how to be happy

They are determined to stay happy and jovial in their everyday life. Their principle in life is to always stay positive. They know how blessed they are and how to be thankful for it. Strong women are noted for making things fun, whatever it is that they are doing. This is how they ensure that their family and loved ones are happy. While they are serious about achieving their goals, they do have a great sense of humor.

If you want to be an independent and strong woman, you need to develop these traits within yourself. Eventually, you’ll be leading the life similar to that of the other strong women around the world.


Omar Negron

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