How to Shift Your Energy, Transform Your Life, and Dance the Tango

OK, I’m gonna be reaalllly honest here. I’ve been dealing with a “situation” that has allowed me the opportunity to step outside of myself and observe my energy from a higher perspective. Thus, while shining my halo and fluffing my wings (ahem…) I realized this needs to be shared with all of you. The situation that I’m referring to below is not the basis for the story; however, it’s an example that can be applied to any situation because the outcome is the same – learning to shift your energy.

…and away we go…

Girl meets guy.

Guy asks a girl out.

The girl says yes. (Twirls hair, tilts head…“ he’s so dreamy” Swoon!)

Guy takes the girl on a date.

Girl surprisingly enjoying herself and shocked she’s not ready to escape through the bathroom window as per usual.

Guy asks the girl out on several other dates.

Girl thinks things are going well. (No red flags, he has all his teeth.)

<Enter 8th wonder of the world>

Guy disappears.

Cue crickets in the background…





……So, after I got over my initial reaction of wanting to karate chop said guy, which by the way would definitely infringe on my spiritual practice.


I decided to do something different.

I dropped the “rose”.

Rose? (Yes, rose and no, this is not a recap of “The Bachelor”.)

I dropped the rose and stopped the unhealthy energetic tango that was happening. Not for him but because I didn’t like what it was doing to me.

I stopped trying to lead. I stopped pushing my energy out and stepping on his “energetic toes”. But more importantly, I stopped giving away my own energy and stopped throwing away my own power by worrying, trying to figure out what happened, and contacting him out of fear. I stopped trying to inadvertently control a situation that was beyond my control.

Now, I want to make this clear, this article is not about dating or relationships, yet rather I used this example because it’s one I’ve experienced recently.

And, if you’re single and human




Even if you’re not single, you’ve all had circumstances where you’ve felt powerless and where you’ve tried SO HARD to make something work or subconsciously control the outcome. The point is, no matter what you do and as much as you would like, you cannot control the outcome of anyone else’s behavior or actions. All you can do is work with your own energy.

Simple right? Yes, this might sound obvious and yes you may be saying tell me something I don’t already know. However, just because you already “know” this doesn’t mean you know this when your subconscious reactions kick in.


Take a moment; realize what I’m saying and then drop the rose.

Stop dissipating YOUR energy. Bring it back to yourself and use it productively. (Liiiiike write an article instead of TPíng “someone’s” house. For example.)

Just sayin’.

When you attach too much energy to something you don’t allow space for the energy to transform. And energy must move…it must flow. It must breathe just like you and I do. Nothing in this Universe is static; it’s always changing and evolving. Your energy is no different.

So here we go!

How to Shift Your Energy, Transform Your Life, and Dance the Tango

3 steps to consciously incorporate into your life as part of your spiritual practice. (And if spiritual practice sounds too woo-woo for you then you can change it to as part of being human….again hopefully we all fit into that category. If not…definitely, please don’t call me.)

1. Take Responsibility

This is where you get to play dress up and put your halo and fluffy wings on…well, most of you. (PS- I know what you did last summer.) Now, I want you to merge with your higher self and detach from your lower self just enough to witness your most (toxic) subconscious patterns. When emotional situations from the past brought all your fears and insecurities to the surface observe how you handled them. What have you done? How did you feel after that? What kind of consequences did it result in?

You’re discovering what role you typically play in the energetic tango. As your subconscious behavioral patterns emerge some of you may be “leading” or pushing your energy out forcing things to work and for others, you may be “stepping back” and pulling your energy in and shutting yourself down. Either way, it’s about trying to take the lead….i.e. trying to somehow control the situation. The irony is, neither is giving you any control, just the illusion of it. What happens is you lose your center of gravity and you actually make yourself more powerless in the process.

2. Change It Up!

One of the many lessons Astrology has taught me has been to shift my perspective on how I view energy. When you can begin to truly view yourself as an energetic vibration rather than just a person in a body you will have made a conscious shift in your awareness which affects your vibration.

Now that you can see what you’ve done in the past it’s time to switch it up! If you used to think in a negative tone then use this opportunity to clear that out and shift your thinking. We are all creatures of habit and until you consciously make an effort to change your thought patterns you will continue to do the same. thing. every. day. Just like a computer we are all programmed to respond a certain way. It takes effort on your part to rise above and change that. If you normally fight back, express yourself differently. If you normally shut down, open up. If you normally obsess then stop and calm your mind. If you normally run away like Forrest Gump then it’s time to take your running shoes off. What you’ve done in the past is not working so commit yourself to doing something different because you’re committed to transforming your old patterns. Stop, breathe, surrender, and trust.

3. Stop Replaying Your Old Stories.

Every action you take or don’t take is based on the filter in which you view the world through. Over the years that filter, just like a pipe in a house, gets dirty, old, clogged, and cracked. So guess what? It’s time to renovate!

Realize, you’re reacting right now due to past circumstances and that scenarios play out over and over again because you’re stuck in the distorted reality of your old filter.

Say what?

Plain and simple – stop believing the stories! For example, if you keep getting denied for jobs you might keep saying to yourself that you’re not smart enough or creative enough to get those types of jobs. THAT IS NOT TRUE. That is JUST your limited belief and it’s playing into your distorted perspective which appears to be your reality. You are so attached to it so you believe it with all your might. But, let it go, clear it out, and replace it with a statement that is true. For example: I am creative and I have attracted (act as if) the right job that enables me to fully express all my abilities.

Stop believing the old stories in an emotional situation that triggers you. Once you do you’re freeing yourself and empowering your energy.

By taking stock in your old patterns that your ego tried so hard to promise were real, the situation that you wanted will either work out or the Universe will match you with something better than you could have ever imagined yourself. However, in the meantime, until you show the Universe (through your vibration…not your words) that you are really ready for it the Universe will continue to reflect back to you the same frequency that you’re sending out.

Let go of the need to be, act, and think so small. You are a magical unlimited spark of divine light with access to multiple time space dimensions and the ability to transform your energy and vibration. You truly are a magician – so go create magic, not madness!

Author’s note:  I realize there’s a slight probability that Mr. said guy might somehow stumble across this article on this private thing called the internet and if that’s the case…

Call me.



Danielle Paige

Danielle Paige is an Intuitive Astrologer, Healer, and Spiritual Coach who specializes in helping her clients understand their love life, how to resolve their karma, find their purpose, and so much more! Danielle is also a monthly contributor for Over the Moon Magazine and her writing has also been featured on Purpose Fairy, JMag - JDates online magazine, and she has made several appearances on the Marilu Show with Marilu Henner as her go-to Astrologer. For more information and guidance on your path or to book your personal soul reading you can visit her website

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