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Letting Go

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.” ~ Ann Landers

Throughout life, we will face experiences that do not meet our expectations.  Life is like the yin and yang as the ancients describe in the Far East.  Sometimes our days are good or bad, black vs white, hot and cold.

It is how one deals with these obstacles that define their character.  Situations such as not getting a job promotion failed relationships or life changes can cause an influx of emotions. We must do our best to focus on the positive when our expectations are not met.


This creates a different dynamic and teaches us to focus on the blessing of every misfortune.  There will be occasions when the mind or ego will conjure up stories how each situation must unfold in order to facilitate our needs of happiness.

What happens when our needs or desires are not met?  We become fearful, angry, and even resentful; it’s almost as if the world owes us!  There is something each and every one of us can do to alleviate all the frustration we carry, and this is simply to start “Letting Go”.

Mastering the Art of Letting Go and Learning to Live Through the Heart

“As soon as you trust yourself. You will know how to live.” ~ Johan Von Goethe

Mastering the Art of Letting Go

Letting go is “Surrendering,” to stop living through the mind and to live through the heart.  It is allowing peace, faith, and serenity to flow through our entire spirit.  My dear friends, we cannot control events or circumstances in our lives, and as much as we would like to have everything done by our own way, we must learn to surrender to the divine and universe.

When we try to control life many times it complicates events further. Be still, meditate and learn to be comfortable with the process of the unknown.  Don’t think so far into the future and look for miracles, always! 

From my personal experiences, I know wholeheartedly that when we hold emotions, pain, and fear in our being, this accumulates to sickness or disease.  It is so important that we allow our feelings to surface and release them when we are ready.  This is the process of elimination and strengthens our soul, allowing us to move forward in life.

Mastering the Art of Letting Go and Learning to Live Through the Heart

I would like to take this opportunity, to retell a story that my father, who is my hero, shared with the family during the holiday season.  It describes how when we start letting go and accept our circumstances everything becomes clear.  The story is called The Little Sparrow and has a beautiful message.

Once upon a time there was a little sparrow,

She loved to fly so high in the sky

So innocent and free

One day while flying

She sensed an immediate threat

Looking down, she saw a hunter

With his pointed straight up at her

Ready to flee,

She looked upwards

Only to see

Even more danger

An eagle eyeing her from way up above

Like a piece of candy

The Little Sparrow with no choice to be free,

Decided to let go,

Surrendering her life to God,

In complete serenity

In that precise moment

A snake bit the hunter,

Who misfired his rifle,

Hitting the eagle

Setting the Little Sparrow free.

If we can all remember to surrender and Let Go anything in life is attainable!  The Little Sparrow is a reminder to trust where you are at any given moment.  When we learn to let go it clears the way for peace.  I would like to thank my loving sister Manj Carthigaser for presenting this story in her own words, and sharing her inner light.

Why do you think it’s so hard for people to let go and trust that maybe life has better plans for us? You can share your insights by leaving your comment in the comment section below 🙂


Nicky Sehra

A graduate of History & Corporate Communications and Public Relations in London, Ontario Canada, Nicky is a modern day spiritual woman who enjoys the simple pleasures of life and being in the company of her family and friends! She loves to teach yoga, travel and to inspire and empower humanity through her writings. Her aim is to leave everyone she meets with a sparkle of kindness, peace and love!

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