How to Let Go of Self Doubt and Start Living Your Life 2

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” ~ William Shakespeare

Have you ever had a goal or a dream that you felt frozen in because you were riddled with self-doubt?

Has self doubt ever stopped you from living the life you want?

Is self doubt the chain around your ankles that holds you back from your dreams?

How to Use Self Doubt as Rocket Fuel

Usually, doubt is seen as the heavy weight that slows us down in life.  The evil curse of the mind that we are told to get rid of at all costs.

It says to us, “You can’t do it.  You’re not going to make it.  That’s impossible. You’re not good enough to do this.  You don’t have what it takes to do that.  Blah blah blah and on goes the words of doubt in your head!”

We are told to fight it, karate chop it, wrestle it, swear at it and tape its mouth shut!

But that doesn’t work and just seems to only fuel it even more!


There is another way to approach self doubt where we use it as rocket fuel to propel us in the direction of our dreams.

I know self doubt very well.  I’ve had many intuitive ideas and inspirations over the years that have been shot down in flames by the opposition of self doubt.

I used to think that if the self doubting a voice was yelling “NOOOOOOO!”  it was an indicator that I wasn’t going to be able to do something, or at least it was going to be a long hard road ahead with heavy doubt present.


After years of meditating and watching the doubting voice, I have come to notice the times when it usually arises and when it shouts the loudest.

The moments that my body and mind is filled with inspiration, intuition, drive, positivity and a clear vision to walk in a particular direction in life… this is usually followed by a big wave of self doubt.

The size of the wave of doubt is usually in direct proportion to the size of the task I am about to undertake.

The more bold and courageous the move ahead… the greater the wave of self-doubt that follows.

I have tried to fight that voice of resistance (oh boy have I tried!) but it only made the move even more exhausting and the voice just got louder and louder!

So after years of noticing this pattern and feeling the frustration of letting it hold me back time and time again, it was time to look it directly in the face.

Hello, self doubt… who are you?

Well, I’ll be damned the answer blew me away!

Self doubt said, “Stop trying to fight me, I’m not your enemy, I’m your ally.”

Say what?!?

“You tell me I can’t do this and that!  How is that helpful?” I ask

Self Doubt said… “The world is full of contrast and it is an essential part of the wisdom of life.  Night and day, ebb and flow, life and death… you can’t have one without the other.

“I am here to show you that you are on the right path.  All of the big, bold, courageous moves that you make, I will be there too, creating the contrast needed to propel you in the direction of your dreams.”

“I am the night to your day, the thorn in your rose, the death required for you to be reborn.”

“If I am not present then you have been keeping yourself way too safe and living within your comfort zone!  I am the proof that you are heading in the right direction.  I am the rocket fuel you require to burst out of your old ways and into new territory.  I am the yardstick of courage.  I am the trumpet sounding the emergence of change and growth ahead.  I am present to fuel your inspiration NOT to hold it back.”

“Next time you hear my words of heavy contrast know that you have just made a step in the direction of truth and your dreams. Use my darkness to help you navigate your way to the light.”

Well, sweet baby Jesus these words were like the devil taking off his cape and an angel emerging from within!

The words reflect the essence and truth that meditation points us to… that all of life, good and so called bad, light and dark, annoying and inspiring… all arise from the same source!

Soooooo the invitation to us all is to STOP wrestling self doubt, stop believing in it’s limiting words and simply use it as a sign that you are on the right track and a reminder to keep listening to your instincts and moving in the direction of your dreams! Yay!

Be bold, be courageous, be authentic and allow your life to reflect your deepest self! Hold self doubt’s hand as you skip down life’s path. I believe in you!


Courtney Prosser

Courtney Prosser. Courtney is a nature lover, wellness junkie and lover of all things true, fun and real. She has guided many on their path, working for 15 years as an Meditation Teacher, Counsellor, Wellness Coach and Author has traveled the world and studied with indigenous healers and shamans. She has sat at the feet of enlightened masters in India and spent thousands of hours alone in nature listening to the subtle guidance within. Connect with Courtney on her website or on Facebook.

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