7 Precious Gifts Every Parent Should Offer Their Child

Being a parent is one of the most profound experiences in a lifetime. Even if you love kids and enjoy playing and spending time with them, you’ll never understand the actual feeling of being a mom or a dad until you become one, no matter if your child is biological or adopted.

“Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk.” ~ Carl Jung

Being a Great Parent

Until you become a parent you would never be aware of how much love you’re capable of offering to another human being. But we all know that as sudden as the feeling of fulfillment comes, so does the fear of failure in the parenting job.

Children don`t come with an instruction manual attached and actually, no general instructions could be drafted as each and every child is different and has his/her unique temperament and personality.

So even if you read a lot of practical advice about how to feed and nurture a child, when it comes to the behavioral and psychological aspects, inevitably you’ll doubt your capabilities of being a good parent.

So let’s see which are the most precious gifts you could offer your child, more important than expensive toys and holidays.

7 Precious Gifts Every Parent Should Offer Their Child

1. Love

From the first day of his life, the most desirable and most precious gift every parent should offer their child is the gift of unconditional love.

Let him feel love through your touches, your glance, your soft words and even if you think he’s too small to understand you tell him “I love you” as much as you can.

It’s well known that the act of birth can be traumatic for an infant getting out from the warmth of your womb in this world full of noises, lights and unfamiliar voices.

All he can recognize is your voice and hearing you say “I love you” while you cuddle him is all he needs to feel comfortable or at least less frightened.

7 Precious Gifts Every Parent Should Offer Their Child

2. Quality time

In these busy times, we are living in when we all run between our jobs and house duties we often forget how important is to spend some precious time with our children.

Even if it’s one or two hours per day, make it full of fun and show him how much you enjoy being there with them. You can play their favorite game or read stories, play dress-up, make a cake, take a walk in the park, do some sport or whatever you both enjoy doing.

3. Rich experiences

Teach your child to fully enjoy life and take the most of it. Take him in the middle of nature, let him touch trees and look at the stars, get out of the comfort of your house and instead visiting the shopping mall, find an interesting museum or take a boat trip, go to a farm and show him animals. 

Help him feel how exciting life can be and what a powerful and divine experience you can have by connecting with nature.

4. Freedom

The parent role comes hand in hand with the protective instinct towards your little baby. When you see him struggling to climb the stairs your first impulse is to run and help him, isn’t it? But it would be much more helpful to let him try until he succeeds as it builds more trust in himself and the world around.

If you are always there to do the things in the “right” way, he will think he`s not good enough and mom or dad will always be there to save his back.

5. Do something for yourself

Every child needs happy parents. It’s absolutely normal sometimes to just feel the need to escape, to spend some time alone listening good music, reading a book, hanging out with your best friends or anything else that helps you recharge your batteries and gives you the feeling of doing something just for you. 

You don’t have to feel guilty or think that you are a bad parent if you spend some time without your beloved child. On the contrary, this will help you find your peace, manage stress levels and be a calm and happy parent.

7 Precious Gifts Every Parent Should Offer Their Child The Importance of Self Love and How to Cultivate it

6. Be an example

If you want to teach your child something meaningful make sure that you set an example. That is a truly precious gift.

By the age of 3 kids don’t have consciousness and they absorb everything from the environment they live in, imitating every gesture or word of the adults around.

So if you want to see good behavior at him, be the first who behaves that way and if you want to learn him what love is, make sure that’s what he sees in you.

“Your children will see what you’re all about by what you live rather than what you say.” – Wayne Dyer

7. Trust

Before learning who to trust and who he can rely on, the child must learn to trust himself and this is another important part of your job as a parent. It’s not enough to tell him every day “Trust yourself, you’re the best” and other heartening words, but it is more helpful to show him that you trust him. This is by far one of the most precious gifts you can offer your child.

Yes, if the child understands that the most important person in his life trusts him he’ll realize his worth and become a strong person. If you act like an adult who knows better and always show him that he doesn’t know how to do things because he’s just a kid, you make him feel small and he`ll never be independent.

** If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be? You can share your comment by joining the conversation below 🙂


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