“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

What makes people happy it is not some big mystery. Here I will present you a few of the many lessons from the powerful positive people who know how to fulfill their soul with pleasure and extend smiles on their faces and on others.

11 Powerful Things Positive People Do Differently

1. The glass is always half-full

Pessimism leads to weakness, optimism to power. Positive people know that pessimism is an inexhaustible source of fears that trains the brain to always require potential difficulties in every possibility and to focus on obstacles instead of reaching the goals. They have crystal clear that they can’t see a rainbow if their eyes are always diving down.

Many judge this optimistic attitude as a fantasy, but make sure that positive people are actually quite practical and they have realistic grounded head.

2. Complaining is wasted time

What will you really achieve if you fill your everyday life with complaints? Positive people know that if they have the role of “victim of circumstances/life” is a waste of time and energy. That can only lead to negative and destructive thoughts, and there isn’t anything good in that.

3. Purpose is another piece of the puzzle

Many of the people ship through life with the thought “What’s yours will come to you.” Positive and purposeful people do not leave their lives in the hands of fate. They courageously take the initiative, driven by the conviction that it is always best to dance to the beat of their own music.

4. The key is in decisiveness

Positive people know how to outsmart the failure and use it as a trampoline to shoot up at the top. They rise above after every defeat, not forgetting the Japanese proverb “Fall seven times, get up eight.”

5. There is no pointing the finger at others

Yes, life is not fair at times and also the happiest people feel on their own skin bumps initiated or enhanced by someone else. But they don’t constantly point their finger toward others. They know how to get out of the vicious circle of blaming others so they can rethink their next step. Sometimes tend to blame themselves but only with the purpose of becoming a better person.

6. Positive people are lifelong learners

For the people who want positivity and success in life the opportunity to absorb knowledge does not end in school or college. They are lifelong learners and constantly work to upgrade their lives for better. They constantly have a passion for life and their mind is always thirsty for new experiences and information. Knowledge is a power which cannot be easily taken away and can only make you stronger.

7. Courtesy above all

Positive people are humble and know how to apologize and admit their mistake when it is needed. They don’t consider it as a violation of pride, but for their own advantage.

They are sure of their abilities and the big potential that they possess, but not in an arrogant way. Maybe that’s why things are so easy to achieve for them.

8. Happiness is hiding in the little things

Positive people are guided by the saying ” little things make life worth living “. And while for others this seems absurd and funny, their happy faces are proof that these are not just empty words. Every moment is precious for them.

Imagine a sunset where the colors of the nature are mixed that it looks like a painting. While pessimists began to worry about tomorrow and mentally are going through the expected obligations, positive people enjoy the moment, the beauty that has blinded their eyes and is grateful for the day and for the life. His thought is that every day wants to end with enchanting sunset.

9. Embrace change

“Everything is moving, everything changes.” Positive people are smart enough to know that change is the only constant thing in life and how quickly is accepted with positive thoughts, adaptation will seem less scary and difficult.

10. Laughter is the best medicine

Happiness recipe is not at all complex, and one of the key ingredients is, of course, the smile. The power of a smile is undeniable and can really change you a lot.

Laugh every day, no matter how difficult it may seem at times. A sense of humor is not a genetic predisposition with which we are born, it develops with a will and positive attitude. Positive people do not take jokes serious at their expense.

11. There is a time and place for everything

How come some people constantly have energy and enthusiasm that never end? Probably because they carefully select their “battles” and the time and place for them.

They do not allow their thoughts to be intoxicated with pessimism. They are careful, methodical and rational and do not allow to spend their energy on unimportant people or situations. Timing is everything in life.

We have this amazing life and we should cultivate happiness and enthusiasm so later, when we look back and revive our memories, we only find positivity and joy.

Do you agree with these powerful lessons? Would you add maybe another one that you are constantly applying in your life? I would be glad to read your comments and know more about it


Elena Ivanovska

Elena Ivanovska is a nutritionism student, who wants to help people change their lives positively and have a healthy lifestyle. That is why she created Instant Healthy Living which is informative and learning portal where you can find every day useful advice and tips in the field of healthy lifestyle and how to balance areas in your life. She is also very passionate about personal development, positivity, nature, writing and many more areas which help her live a life filled with excitement and positivity.

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