12 Powerful Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Vibration

When you raise your vibration, you raise the vibration of everyone around you. You raise the vibration of your family, friends, community, country, and the whole world… It’s not just you who benefits from you feeling good. The whole world benefits from that as well… ~ Luminita D. Saviuc

Have you ever been around or noticed someone that made you feel good? They weren’t intentionally trying to, there was just something about their energy that allowed you to relax and enjoy yourself more.

Most likely, this person had a high vibration and that’s why you were attracted to them and felt good being around them.

Similarly, have you ever heard someone say “there was a good vibe” describing a situation? That person must have experienced a positive interaction and described it in terms of the energy felt.

You might be wondering what having a high vibration means. As humans, we are all energy in motion and we vibrate a frequency out to the universe. People who have a high vibration often feel lighter, open, stable, and loving. While feelings of heaviness, denseness, darkness, and fear are found in the lower vibration zone.

Just like radio stations have different frequencies and you can tune into whatever you want to listen to, people can raise their vibration (change their frequency) in order to feel better.

Raise Your Vibration

After learning about energy in tai chi and yoga, I began to become aware of my own vibes. When I was moody or upset about something, I noticed I felt heavy and people avoided me. When I was happy and felt good about life, I felt open and people seemed attracted to me. I also became aware of how I disliked feeling this low vibration and that around certain people I either felt better or worst.

I realized that rather than being at the mercy of my mood and other people’s energy field, I could do activities that raised my vibration and made me feel better. The key here is that anything the makes you feel authentically good raises your vibrations.

12 Powerful Ways to Naturally Raise Your Vibration

Here is a list of 12 ways you can naturally raise your vibration and feel better:

1. Raise Your Vibration through Breathing.

Breathing is the best way to clear your energy and create openness in your heart. When you breathe deeply your belly expands on the inhale and contracts on the exhale. Put your hand on your belly to check that you are breathing fully and deeply.

2. Raise Your Vibration with Physical Exercise.

Any form of exercise the gets your heart rate going and feels fun (not forced), raises your vibrations.

3. Laugh.

Laughter is a fun and easy way to feel good. Find a way to add some laughter into your daily routine and you will feel the difference.

 12 Powerful Ways to Naturally Raise Your Vibration

4. Watch cartoons to Raise Your Vibration.

Cartoons feel light and cozy. They remind you a being a kid and feeling safe. Cartoons often carry messages of love and protection.

5. Say Affirmations.

By reciting affirmations you are reminding your conscious mind that what you desire is here and now. Anything is possible and you are shining light on truth.

6. Pray to Raise Your Vibration

Prayer doesn’t have to be something you practice in a religious setting. You can connect, ask for guidance, and give thanks to God or the universe at any time and at any place.

7. Dress up.

Sometimes putting on a nice dress and red lipstick feels good. It reminds us of how sexy, feminine, and fun we can be.

8. Count your blessings.

What are you grateful for? Gratitude for all the love, support and abundance that is already present in your life is the fastest way to feel good.

9. Give.

Do something nice for someone else for no reason at all. Not because you want something in return or you owe them, but because you want to share your love.

10. Say “I love you.”

Tell the people you love, “I love you unconditionally no matter what.” Say it out loud even if you think they already know and then close your eyes and feel it.

11. Tell yourself the same.

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12 Powerful Ways to Naturally Raise Your Vibration

Every ounce of love you give out starts with you. Remember to show yourself the love and receive it!

12. Spoil yourself with something you’ve been desiring but saving for when you felt worthy.

Do something fun and exciting. Your life is now, the time is now and feel your vibration raise tenfold. Raising your vibration leads to feeling good, free, and loved.

When you follow your feelings and raise your vibration you are not only helping yourself feel better but you are positively impacting everyone around you. Your energy doesn’t stop with you, it radiates out in the universe and touches the entire planet.

Once you raise your vibrations you will also be less likely to get sucked into someone else’s low energy vibration. Imagine being around someone you love that is struggling and helping them by just being yourself and radiating your energy out.

In the comments below I’d love to hear from you. What are your favorite ways to raise your vibration?


Orly Levy

Orly Levy is a Transformational Coach specializing in healing and managing stress. She uses a whole person approach by shining light on physical, spiritual and mental healing. She guides others to connect with their internal wisdom and discover peace. Through her experience of overcoming anxiety and depression, Orly has learned that by shining light on our challenges we have the power to transform them. Her practice includes hormonal health support. If you are interested in connecting or receiving a Discovery Session visit her virtual home at OrlysLight.com Stay connected with Orly on Instagram.

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