7 Essential Keys to True Happiness

“Happiness, true happiness, is an inner quality. It is a state of mind. If your mind is at peace, you are happy. If your mind is at peace, but you have nothing else, you can be happy. If you have everything the world can give – pleasure, possessions, power – but lack peace of mind, you can never be happy.” ~ Dada Vaswani

This is for anyone who has a deep, burning desire and wants to change something about their life.

Anyone who is stuck with negative self-talk feels unhappy and wants to boost their self-esteem.

Anyone who, like me, has struggled inside with negative emotions, feeling disconnected with the world and has the feeling that he didn’t belong here.

I was stuck there 25 years ago.

Then I made an important and radical decision and asked myself one question:

How can I find true happiness?

The answers I got showed me the way out of it, and I am proof that change is possible.

My catharsis started more than 25 years ago:

I was a very famous actor in Germany, had everything you could wish for: Success, fame, money, beautiful women, I walked along the red carpet smiling – but deep inside, I was very unhappy. I felt empty, I wasn’t fulfilled, something was missing.

So I made a quite radical decision: I unplugged myself from the other, very loud world. I locked myself in for 4 months, shut off all electricity and started to think, and reflect, and meditate on the most important question for me:

What are the keys to true happiness and how can I truly be happy?

I dug deep into myself, searching for answers. And then, slowly, I found the answers, answers from deep within.

I started to write them down and created these seven keys to true happiness.

And now I want to show you how to find true happiness, too.

My deepest desire is to make you happy.

To empower you and show you how you can achieve more in your life, whether that’s in your relationship, your job, your family, with your money or in any part of your life.

7 Essential Keys to True Happiness

I created 7 ‘keys’, principles by which I began to live.

Things started to make sense and I became happier every day.

Now I have everything I have wished for and my desire is to share these insights with you, so you can benefit from them too.

These 7 Keys empowered me. And they can do the same for you.

Key 1 – Just start!

The first thing to do is simply decide to take action in order to have the things you want in your life.

When we think about what we truly want, we tend to think of big things – our dream relationship, a bigger home or car, for example.

But, for now, start small.

Approaching this system in a playful way helps as the smaller things we want are far less fraught with anxiety and doubt.

Key 2 – Get the wording right

Choose “I am” rather than “I want” and create the state of “being or having something” instead of “wanting something”.

Energy follows attention, so focus on good things and use language that leads to true happiness rather than reinforces current struggles.

This is crucial.

People often word their wishes in such a way that they virtually set in stone the unfortunate state in which they find themselves.

But not you!

Key 3 – Thanking

When you truly want something – and you’ve wished for it to be in your life – give thanks.

Thanking confirms our belief that the wish will be carried out and invites us to reflect on things in our lives that are going well.

This causes them to multiply because we feed them, even more, energy which eliminates doubts and worries.

In everyday life, we give thanks only for things that have already been confirmed: “Thank you for doing that for me.”

The same applies here.

Key 4 – Convince the mind

These Keys are capable of delivering incredible success – my story is proof of that.

But there’s still often a part of our mind that refuses to believe it, so we must convince it with evidence.

In 1933, physicists Marie and Pierre Curie observed how ‘matter’ can be created out of ‘nothing’. They discovered that energy can be transformed into matter. Energy can be guided – using the power of our thought.

Our thoughts are like a laser gun, whose energy beam can be focused on one point. Similarly, the power of our thoughts guides the energy that’s always available everywhere, causing it to condense into a specific form.

Energy follows attention. What we think materializes and we become.

Key 5 – Have faith instead of doubts

We constantly believe in something, even if we know that that belief holds us back.

By doubting, we get in our own way. Thinking that “this isn’t going to work” is actually a pronounced wish and, as a result, we experience precisely this limitation.

To have success, we must believe in success.

Key 6 – Be open to ‘coincidences’

Energy flows, steers, guides, leads. All we have to do is be open to it.

When we stay alerted and keep our ears open, we get all the information we need.

And the surest means of that happening is through our intuition.

All we must do is pursue whatever feels good, no matter how strange, embarrassing or ridiculous it may seem at first.

Key 7 – Discover your true great wishes

Wishes are as diverse as people.

You might want to learn to dance. Someone you know might be looking for true friends. A relative might be longing for their ideal partner.

No desire is greater or smaller, more important or more reprehensible than another.

Wishes that come true always change us and wishes that are fulfilled don’t always bring us real happiness.

People say, “Be careful what you wish for” with good reason!


Pierre Franckh

A bestselling author with more than 60 titles published in 11 countries and sales of more than 3 million, Pierre Franckh lectures around the world and hosts sold-out seminars. He is also a motivational coach and inspirational speaker with numerous clients in the business world, as well as doctors, psychologists, and complementary health professionals. For more about him, visit www.pierre-franckh.de and his Facebook Page.

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