It all starts and ends with love. Everything we do in life is driven by either love or lack of love. And the most important force from all types of love is the self love. Because it´s what we feel about our essence.

We fall in and out of loves, we climb life mountains and cross valleys, we grow and we die and, sometimes, we forget all along to fall in love with ourselves. With who we are and what we represent in this world. And this, beyond all the wins and losses, gives a continuous state of discrete but deep emptiness.

Who am I in my life? And who do I want to be?

These are the two most important questions that can start any life shift. But, the doors to their true answers can be unlock only by one power:  the self love. We are not born with a true sense of self love. And we rarely inherit it. But, once we become aware of its importance, we can grow it as the force that will push us to be our Best Self.

Without self love, we are infinitely poor.  Lack of self love locks the heart in the dark cell of scarcity, fear, and doubt. Far away from where the beauty of life happens.

So, the first step in the self-discovery journey is developing this love for who we are. Once having it, you´ll always experience a quantum leap in the pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Here are 3 of the daily practices that you can use to cultivate self love and happiness into your life.

1. Learn to love and accept yourself the way you are

Find a quiet place and moment and watch your image in a mirror. Watch your body, your face, your eyes… take your time. And, when you feel ready, say to yourself:

(Your Name), I love you and I accept you fully and completely. You are enough. 

Repeat this three times and, with each repetition, move your awareness on your feelings. How do these words make you feel?

Are you feeling calm and peaceful? Or are you feeling uncomfortable? Funny? Nervous? Pissed off? Or just ridiculous?

The feeling you have simply shown one thing: that easy or that hard it is to look at yourself and to love and accept yourself completely.

But these few words that you try saying are the exact ones that each and every one of us long to hear from the most important people in our life….

How could anyone else tell you these very words when you can´t even do it for yourself?

So, repeat the exercise until you feel comfortable to express full and sincere acceptance & love for who you are. For yourself.

Note: Why is it important to practice this in front of a mirror?

When we were kids, the adults in our lives were looking into our eyes while scolding or saying all those heavy, sometimes painful stuff that stuck to our hearts and minds. And we, subconsciously, translated all that as not being accepted and loved enough…

You touch the inner being of the person when looking into her eyes. It works the same when we work on ourselves. 

2. Practice a daily Cleansing Meditation

As we clean and prepare our physical appearance every day, our emotional and mental bodies need also to be regularly cleansed.

For this, you can practice a very simple meditation. Just choose a calm moment in a calm place, sit comfortably, in a relaxed position and listen to a calm soothing music.

Repeat for yourself, as and when you feel comfortable:

Release, release, release…. Release tension. Release anger. Release fear….

Release guilt….. Release sadness….

Release…. Release…. Release….

I´m in peace with myself…. I´m at peace with life.

I´m peace….

You can release whatever you feel the need to clean out of your emotions and thoughts. If it helps, visualize the burden getting outside of your physical body and disappearing far away, into the light. Feel the relief. Feel the freedom… Release…

Repeat this meditation at least a few times per week. You´ll feel the difference pretty soon.

3. Use the most powerful words “I am..” to your benefit

We are what we believe we are. And the most important sentences that we hear in this world start with” I am…”.

So, take a few moments each day to tell to yourself what you are. Everything you wish is already in you, otherwise, you could not even think of it. By daily repetition, you enhance that longed for the feature. You expand it… You expand yourself until you reach the reality and life that you are dreaming of.

So, say:

I am strong.

I am healthy

I am happy

I am confident

I am lovable

I am loved

I am fabulous

Use the qualities that will turn you into your best self, once achieved. Write these down on a piece of paper, and while you do so, live the meaning of your words.

It will take you around 15 minutes to go through the above steps every day. Use those minutes wisely and see your life shift

You can be anything, as soon as you start believing and living that in your mind and heart. 


Cristina Bold

Cristina is an international Mindset & Transformation coach, that helps professional women get clarity on their life purpose and create a meaningful, heart-centered and fun life. Before coaching, for 14 years, she worked in the corporate world for some of the biggest global companies. To learn more about Cristina, visit her website or Facebook Page.

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