How to Make the Most out of Your Precious Me Time

We don’t get enough of those little breaks throughout the day. You know, a morning to ourselves with a cup of warm coffee or a peaceful afternoon walk outside. Instead, we have the kids tugging at us or work calling to check in on those reports you should have submitted yesterday. Life is chaotic. There’s no question about it. But as a busy parent, you can make time to relax. Take a breath, take five minutes and read on to find out how you can make the most out of your precious Me Time.

1. Morning Yoga

When the house is quiet and everyone is still sound asleep, you could be rolling out your yoga mat and waking up with the sun. Not only does yoga increase strength and flexibility, but practicing yoga also has a wide-range of additional health benefits. Yoga boosts your immunity, which helps your lymphatic system battle infection and destroys cancerous cells. It can even help drop your blood pressure. And, yoga has even been proven to make people happier.

Yoga Journal reports that a consistent yoga practice lessens depression and boosts serotonin levels. It doesn’t take much to start. A yoga mat and maybe a few accessories such as blocks and straps are all that you will need to start sending out.

If you’re a newbie to yoga, consider subscribing to a yoga channel online to learn the basics of beginner yoga practice until you’re confident enough to guide yourself through your own morning yoga session.

2. Cycling

If your daily schedule has a little breathing room, let’s say an extra hour or so, consider spending that extra 60 minutes cycling. You don’t need your own bike, helmet, and cycling gear. We are talking about indoor cycling classes. Done on a stationary bike, these classes are major calorie burners, burning anywhere between 400 and 600 calories per session. Plus, the high-intensity classes are a great way to blow off a little steam after a stressful day.

Many studios and gyms offer dance-club-like environments with bumping loud music, flashing lights and enthusiastic instructors, creating a fabulous way to spend your Me Time. If you’re a member of a gym — 24 Hour Fitness, for example — check your gym’s studio or class schedule to see which types of cycling classes are offered.

3. Painting Classes

Art classes aren’t just for kids. Surprisingly, painting boasts a handful of health benefits, making it another great way to spend your Me time.

Painting is said to improve and foster creativity levels, which are great benefits if you work in a creative industry or if you’re working on a personal blog. Additionally, painting can improve both problem-solving skills and communication. Finally, painting offers emotional restoration benefits such as stress relief and increased positive thoughts. Consider painting on your own in a quiet space such as outside on your patio or in a cozy corner when the kids are away at school.

Many local events promote art. Start by contacting your local art museums, which often host community art events where attendees can learn how to paint and make other forms of art. It’s never too late to pick up a new artistic hobby.


Lauren Topor

Lauren Topor is a lifestyle writer based in the Southwest who spends her days writing about food and health, fashion, fitness, and entertainment. Connect with her on Twitter.

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