Message from Your Spirit Guides

Before you were born on earth, you were here with us. And your spirit was a lively and adventurous one. When you were here with us, you were an instantaneous manifestor, you could be and do anything you wanted, anytime you wanted. You never lacked— in fact, you didn’t know what it was to lack.

You were constantly surrounded by beauty, abundance, happiness, and love. But your soul started to crave contrast— something it did not understand. Your soul began to wonder what it would be like to exist, even just for a moment of time, without instant gratification of its own manifestations.

So, you came to us and said, “I would like to be born on earth. I want to experience contrast. My soul craves challenges and further growth.”

We sighed deeply at your request. “Are you certain this is what you want?” We asked skeptically.

“Oh yes! Of course!” You replied excitedly.

This is a message for you.

We were doubtful not because we didn’t want you to be born— quite the opposite, in fact, we knew life on earth would catapult your soul into a higher realm of growth. But, we were concerned for your well-being because we know how difficult life on earth can be.

But, what the soul wants, the soul receives, and we would never stand in the way of a growing soul.

Instead, we sternly warned you again, “You can be born, but we have to caution you— you will forget everything about this realm of existence. At times your life on earth will seem impossibly unfair and unbelievably challenging. You won’t remember it was your request to experience physical life, and you may find yourself full of emotions you have never previously experienced— namely anger, hatred, sadness, and fear.”

“I understand.” You replied with conviction.

Your Soul's Journey: A Message from Your Spirit Guides

“You will still have the ability to manifest and create, but you will have to work extra hard to be able to let go of conditioned thinking and get back to your true self. There will be times you will receive the opposite of what you want, but always remember each block in your path represents an opportunity for you to open a new door and learn and grow. We will be here for you throughout the entirety of your journey, never leaving your side. However, unless you teach yourself how to be an open receptor you will not know we are here.”

“I am ready!” You shouted joyfully.

And so it was done. Your wish of birth was fulfilled.

And now you have been living your physical life for a while. And it hasn’t been easy. You grew up with a lot of seemingly disadvantageous circumstances and have often wondered why your life has been so unfair. In fact, just today you broke down and cried while questioning what the point of life is and your purpose here.

And while you cried we held you.

All of the tears that have fallen from your eyes out of apparent defeat have served to water your ever-growing soul.

And although you have forgotten your previous spiritual existence, just as we warned you would, we have not forgotten you.

We have been watching you.

We have been loving you.

And, no matter how many times you feel as though you aren’t good enough, aren’t strong enough or are failing at life, we want you to know you aren’t. Because every minute you are alive on earth you are learning and your soul is expanding.

And, we know when you return to us, you will return with a shifted perspective and matured soul.

You will understand the sadness and why it is necessary to truly appreciate happiness.

You will understand the hatred and why it is necessary to truly appreciate the love.

You will understand lack and why it is necessary to truly appreciate abundance.

And most of all, you will understand the cycle of life and why it is necessary to truly appreciate the soul’s eternal journey.

Your Soul's Journey: A Message from Your Spirit Guides

So, while you are living— soak up the warmth of the sun against your skin and bask in all of the life’s abundant contrasts. View all of your challenges as opportunities for personal growth rather than a hindrance.

Always ask yourself, “why not me?” rather than, “why me?” Be kind to others, and give love freely and without expectation.

And above all, remember you are never alone.

~ with, Love

Your Spirit Guides


Antasha Durbin

Antasha Durbin is a spiritual writer, a life-long student of the universe & psychic tarot card reader. Her website, CAJ Spirituality, is dedicated to casualizing the spiritual experience and making it attainable for anyone, anywhere, anytime. You can find her on her website

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