“You will never know that light exists if you first didn’t realize you were in the darkness. The idea is to be aware of this place, not live here and heal.”~ Vishnus Virtues

Did you have a rough upbringing?

Were the people who were supposed to love you, the very same people who hurt you and tried to tear down your self-worth?

Did you grow up in an abusive home with absent or abusive parents?

Did you grow up in a home of a physically abusive father? An emotionally abusive mother, Alcoholic parents? Detached parents? Cruel or neglectful?

You may have thought that the past is the past and you could now move on and live your life. Yet, you’re likely finding that your past doesn’t just disappear as time passes. Instead, you’re left alone to carry the pain of your past.

This could come in the form of low self-esteem.  An eating disorder. A generally non-motivated and uninspired life. Combative and unhealthy relationships you find yourself in as an adult.

Heal Your Soul with Light

You didn’t have the tools to resist your parents, stand up for yourself as a child, or be sheltered against their unhealthy parenting but you do have tools now to help you move past the pain the pain.

The healing is in the light.



Your inner light.

Divine light.

You can heal your soul with light.

Heal Your Soul with Light 8 Ways to Heal the Pain from Your Past

You have the inner light to help you with anything that life has thrown at you. When you’re fully immersed in your light, you cannot be abused any longer. You cannot be trampled upon. You cannot be torn down.

Heal Your Soul with Light: 8 Ways to Heal the Pain from Your Past

Here are 8 steps on how to embrace your light and find healing when feeling the darkness of your past.

1. Sit in the light of pain and loss.

Before you can heal your soul, you have to claim and sit in the pain and the loss.  It’s perfectly ok to acknowledge the hurt you’ve experienced, cry over the sadness of the past and sit in the sorrow you feel.

You will never know that light exists if you first didn’t realize you were in the darkness. The idea is to be aware of this place, not live here and heal.

2. Remind yourself that darkness and light are part of the same universe.

You’re not in an entirely different universe. You are simply in the darker parts for now. The light is on the other side. You will find your way there. Being aware of the darkness is the first step to help you see the light.

Having known the darkness, you’ll more easily find the light. Having known the darkness, you’ll have a greater appreciation of the light.

3. Allow your light to wash your wounds and heal you.

Whatever loss you’re carrying, whatever holes you have within you and whatever voids are in your life, they can be filled with light.

You can find the light within you. It’s the ounce of hope that lies within. It’s the flicker of inner-knowing. It’s the divine spirit you might have felt observing the redwoods or as you watch the majestic skies at night. It’s the moment of inspiration, hope, and aliveness you feel within yourself. It’s the belief in a new day and a new dawn.

If you’ve ever seen or felt this light within you, you know it’s there. You know you can cultivate it and allow it to shine into the spaces of hurt and loss.

4. Extend the light to the people who crushed your soul.

You may want to withhold your light from the very people who hurt you, robbed you of your childhood or crushed your soul.  You may never want to give them your love, affection or attention.

It’s the very people who are hurtful and abusive who most need the light. No, you don’t have to kiss and make up like nothing ever happened but you can set the intention within to forgive them for all the ways they hurt you. You can extend the light of understanding and empathy to them. You can acknowledge that they too were hurting and didn’t know what they were doing.

5. Be in communion with the divine.

Your light may come from a divine experience or from a spiritual place.

You walk into your house of worship and you feel the light. You see the flickering flames of candles, oil lamps, and sunlight coming in through stain-glassed windows of the church.

Whatever your house of worship, know that you can cultivate the light from a divine and spiritual place. Go within, reflect, be inspired and inspire.

Have a communication and relationship with the divine light that you experience.

Walk out of the temple or church each time with the light burning a little stronger.

Heal Your Soul with Light 8 Ways to Heal the Pain from Your Past

6. See the light in all.

The light fills the entire world. All you have to do is sit and observe it. Even in the midst of the night or when all feels like it’s dark, there is light. The earth is filled with light.

If the light is everywhere, the light has to be in you. The light has to be in the people who hurt you also. The light has to be in the places of darkness. Learn to see the light in the dark places. Look hard for the light when it’s especially dark. Look for the light in others.

Once you see the light in others, especially the people who hurt you, you will be able to let go of the hurt and move on.  You and the people who hurt you are made of the same fabric of light. You will be able to more easily forgive and realize your oneness with all.

7. Fill your soul with light.

Spend time each day filling your soul with light.

The light may come from work that brings you joy or work that serves other people.

The may come from your spiritual practices like contemplation or prayer.

You may feel the light playing with your children, cooking a meal, or taking a walk.

You may find the light when you choose kindness over hatred or empathy over anger.

When you see or feel the light within you, allow it to fill you up. Sit with the light.

8. Extend compassion and empathy to all those around you.

Spread the light from within to all those around you.

Set an intention that the vibration of the light you’re feeling is spreading to those around you in pain and are hurting.

Be an example in the light. Live your life in the light every day.

If you spiral into darkness one day, seek the light the next day.

Show others that it’s acceptable, even when you’re in pain. that you can live in the light.

You can fill the void and the loss with the light.

You can substitute the hardships and struggles with the light.

You can view the misdeeds of others in the light so your anger melts into compassion.

The light allows you to turn hostility to understanding. It helps you stop judging others and trying to see their perspective.

The light releases grudges and fosters forgiveness.

The light can remove obstacles, cut through the pain and heal you, and those around you.

Is there someone who would benefit from your Light? Can you extend that Light to them? You can share your comment in the comment section below 🙂


Vishnus Virtues

Vishnu writes a personal growth and spirituality blog for people starting over in life at vishnusvirtues.com. For his new book, Does True Love Exist, pick it up HERE.

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