5Truths tThat Will Get You Through Hard Times

“Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.”~Bob Riley

Maybe it happened to you,

You suddenly lost someone you loved.

It might be a friend, family or a pet.

You’re feeling broken and confused and no matter what you do you keep thinking of that person. You wish that this will soon pass but right now it seems never ending.

You might even wonder: Why is this happening to me?

Hard times can seem like falling in a well of absolute darkness; and that with each passing day you are sinking deeper and deeper.

Far too often we see hard times as soul wrecking (which they are), but they also offer us an immeasurable gift. They offer us the opportunity to grow.

Hard times are merely a test that we have to pass and it is through these tests that we become stronger, better and braver human beings.

No one loves a hard time but the truth is life was never meant to be easy naturally, Just like the ocean lifts it’s mighty waves to the horizon, the same way they have to come back crashing down. Just like there is ebb there will also be flow.

5 Truths That Will Get You Through Hard Times

Hard times come and go anyways and we need to understand that this is just a phase that pushes us to the end of the road. We must learn some lessons that we can learn only through hard times.

But to be able to learn the lessons we are supposed to, we will first have to do some attitude adjustments. Here are some adjustments you should make today to help you become stronger:

1. Believe that stress is healthy- so stress a little.

Often we hear that we should live a stress-free life. However, the excessive amount of stress is what will deteriorate your health. A right amount of stress is healthy and it actually signals you to take a closer look at something in your life that is bothering you and to put in work to eliminate it. Make sure you don’t stress too much because stressing too much will only make things worse.

2. Detach yourself emotionally.

This one may be hard to do when you are still healing but it is one of the best ways to understand the situation you are going through. T be able to let go and become stronger you’ll need to detach yourself emotionally from the situation. Emotions that spring out of a painful situation will mostly be negative. When you don’t give negative emotions a chance your emotions will be in balance and you will have a better understanding of the situation.  Most of the emotions that grow out of negative situations are negative. The advantage is that you now brought your emotional state to a balance which gives you a rational instead of emotional outlook on the situation.

3. Look for the lesson.

Life will present to us many different situations. Every single situation in life is to teach us a lesson. And the best lessons we learn from challenging situations. So always look for these lessons to be learned. There is always value in challenging situations. It is up to us to see the value in these experiences. We have to teach ourselves to see the value in every experience for us to be able to deal with them when they arise in the future. We only grow when we face our challenges heads on and learn from them.

4. It will pass.

No situation no matter how big or small is set to stay with you forever. Nothing in this world is permanent.  It will pass sooner or later and you will get through it one way or the other. Just like everything else in life even the toughest of situations have a beginning and an end. Even if the ending doesn’t appear on the horizon yet, it will pass, leaving you with the ability to start fresh and with a new, more positive outlook on life. 

5. Let go of the worry

When we are faced with a difficult situation, often times the first thing we do is to worry. It’s how our brain is naturally wired. But if you take a closer look then you’ll notice that worry has never helped anyone going through a difficult time heal. Instead, stop worrying and ask yourself these 2 simple questions:

  • Can you do anything about the situation today? If not, quiet your worry immediately and start to do something you are passionate about or just relax.
  • Can you do something about it in the long run? If you can’t, quit worrying and instead go do something you love and enjoy. If you can, start making a detailed plan and prepare yourself for the actions you know you will have to take.

Suddenly tragedy struck and your life turns upside down again. Even though you might feel like that would suck, this time you know you are prepared because you successfully went through it already. You proved yourself to be a winner against the battle of tough times, resistance, fear, and doubt.

This time you feel no sense of worry while going through the process for you know it’s never okay to give up because you deserve to be happy. Above all, you practice positivity.


Stefany Land

Stefany Liefeld is on a lifelong mission to help people stay positive on their life journey and become their greatest version. She loves babies and all things creative and unusual. Read more of her work at GemsOfHappiness.com

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