7 Signs You Need to Let Go of A Toxic Relationship

Sometimes, in relationships, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.


Letting go of relationships that we cared for (or still care for), nurtured, and probably gave in everything is quite a difficult task. But what do you do when they turn into toxic relationships?

Whether you’re talking about the relationship that you share with your best friend, lover or any other, what matters is letting go before things turn bitter between you all.

Every relationship needs some habits that help it grow and bloom.

However, there are times when letting go is all you need to give yourself time and think about love, life & relationships again. After all, it is your life and if something is meant to leave (for good), you should let it go.

How to Let Go of Toxic Relationships

Here are 7 signs of letting go of toxic relationships and move on with what life brings out for you.

1. Broken trust in the relationships

We hope you know that trust is the primary factor of every relationship and if this basic features lack in yours, it is time to let go. However, many times it happens that you find your partner doing something that you wouldn’t do being with him or her and it kills you when you find the other one doing the same.

I found myself in such a situation where my guy was talking (flirting) with another woman at 4 in the morning about love and life. I did not say a word and never turned back to him after investing my 9 years of life with him.

7 Signs You Need to Let Go of Toxic Relationships10 Great Ways to Build Self-Trust

2. Unacceptable behavior which surfaced recently

You might have known your partner for as long as possible, but there are times when you find out something new about them that’s just opposite to what you know. Psychologically, some people hide their certain behaviors or a past toxic relationship to make their current one work smoothly.

Though you might or might not forgive their old transgressions but there are respective behaviors which destroy the base of the relationship. 

For example, a prior marriage, a deadly disease which is communicable, and more. Hence, it is better to part ways than keep on believing that you can adjust.

3. Dependency that turns into an obsessive need

Every relationship works when both of you are dependent on each other equally. However, you need to start considering some things when the dependency takes a drastic turn towards neediness. Your partner’s neediness might leave you no time for yourself or anything that is your responsibility. Whether it is for the pampering your partner’s needs or money, praise or anything else, it has to stop somewhere.

4. You change according to the other

You might find quotes like – “Fall in love with a person who enjoys your madness. Not an idiot who forces you to normal”. However, in every relationship, you need to adjust a little. On the contrary, there are those situations which exhaust you so much that by the time you take a look at yourself, you’re a completely different person. If you aren’t comfortable with the change that you’re being a part of, it is not worth it!

5. The positive vibe is not a part of the feeling anymore

Every woman has a feeling or vibe that helps her judge the other person. It is more like the sixth sense that they have to be a master at handling the variety of people around her. If you don’t find it a very happy feeling being a part of your conversation, you need to stop right there and take a U-turn to go back a step from this relationship.

7 Signs You Need to Let Go of Toxic Relationships

6. It is more about me than us

When you’re single, it is all about you and needs, but when you come into a relationship, things change from me to us. Moreover, if your relationship is new, it is understood that change will take time but if after being together for so many years things haven’t changed, walk away. Let go of your partner and focus on yourself now.

7. Conversations become quarrels

We all know how important good communication is for the health of your relationship. However, if your conversations are more about complaints, taunts, arguments and more, you need to reconsider your relationship.

Are these things happening in your relationship? It is time to bring the attention on yourself and letting go of things that make you feel unhappy.


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