Embracing the creator within

Imagine a baby girl nestled within her mother’s womb—warm and comforted by the sounds of her mother’s beating heart and internal organs. Every second of every day is paramount to her growth and survival—yet she is carefree, allowing the universe to take the lead and trusting it to provide her with all of the necessary parts to live and skills to thrive. 

After nine months, she is born, and for the first time, she opens her eyes to an entirely new world. It’s bright and loud, but she immediately recognizes her mother’s voice and feels safe and loved.

Embracing The Creator Within

Initially, life is beautiful. All of her basic needs are met, and she’s a happy baby living in complete and total alignment with the universe. She knows no stress, she knows no hatred, she knows no unkindness and she knows no failure. She just knows love.

But, as she begins to understand and decode language, her thoughts and opinions of herself and the world are shaped by the people around her. Like a fertile seed buried beneath the soil, her mind is watered by outside ideas and expectations of who she should be, what she should do and how she should behave.

As time goes on, she soaks in all of the information surrounding her, and she loses sight of who she actually is, and what’s really important. In school, she is told she isn’t learning fast enough. On the playground, she is told she isn’t athletic enough. At home, she is told she has to try harder and focus more.

One day, she comes home from school with a picture she painted in art class of her family. “Look mama!” She says excitedly. “Look what I painted for you at school today!”

“Oh honey, it’s beautiful.” Her mother assures her while quickly placing it on the kitchen table. “Now, what homework do you have tonight?”

“Mama, I want to paint tonight. Can we get some paint?” She asks expectantly.

“Not tonight honey, you need to get your homework done.”  Her mother replies dismissively.

“Okay, fine.” She says hanging her head down.

For the next several years she continues to bring home her creations, but rather than encouraging her to share her talents, her parents instead redirect her to focus on school work—after all, that’s how their parents raised them—to understand working hard and excelling in school is the only way to succeed in life.

Eventually, she stops painting altogether. She opts instead to do as she is told, and work hard in school because only then she will grow up to be successful.

Somewhere in her house all of her artwork sits stashed in a pile collecting dust, and like a language never used, she forgets about her talent and the happiness it once brought her.

She is you. She is me. She is all of us who are misguided by the opinions, ideas, and expectations of others and society as a whole.

Like an instrument needing to be tuned or a piano waiting for its keys to become melodious harmonies—our talents are desperately awaiting our discovery. Do not dismiss them upon first glance because they are dusty and unattended to, or because people say their pursuit won’t lead to success. Remember, success is a subjective term that can only be determined by the individual who seeks its definition.

And none of us become fluent overnight—instead, the mastery of our talents takes time, energy and most importantly self-belief.

As Jesus once said, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

The pre-programmed beliefs and opinions we have about ourselves are our mountains waiting to be shifted. And with the tiniest droplet of unquestioned belief, they can effortlessly be changed. By doing this we instantaneously become like a baby within our mother’s womb again—completely trusting and carefree—able to take positive and inspired movement forward.

The question is, are you ready to let go of past ideas, embrace the creator within and live in alignment with your true self?

If you are, your mountains are waiting and your internal child is awaiting her release.


Antasha Durbin

Antasha Durbin is a spiritual writer, a life-long student of the universe & psychic tarot card reader. Her website, CAJ Spirituality, is dedicated to casualizing the spiritual experience and making it attainable for anyone, anywhere, anytime. You can find her on her website cajspirituality.com

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