How to Impress People: 11 Simple Things You Don't Realize You Do That Truly Impress People

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like. Will Rogers

Money, a flash car, a big house, and lavish holidays – do these things impress you? How about a high-powered job, expensive clothes, or name-dropping the famous people you’ve “hung out” with?

Nah, chances are these things don’t really impress you, just like they don’t impress anyone else.

How to Impress People

So what impresses people? What is it about you or anyone else that will really get people nodding with approval when they meet you? Well, these 11 things for starters.

11 Simple Things You Don’t Realize You Do That Truly Impress People

1. Your Authenticity

In a strange twist of fate, one of the things that people find most impressive is when someone can fully accept their true self without feeling the need to put on an act. In other words, you impress people by NOT trying to impress them.

It is refreshingly pleasing to encounter someone who couldn’t give two hoots what you think of them, so when you feel comfortable in your own skin, with your own flaws, admiration will follow.

The only caveat being those people who care so little what others think that they are willing to trample all over them – that doesn’t impress anyone!

2. Your Kindness

Speaking of how you treat other people, radiating kindness in all that you do is a magical gift that is utterly irresistible. When you are gentle and compassionate, when you respect the feelings and opinions of others, you exude a warm glow that acts like a magnetic force, pulling people towards you. It is immediately obvious when you are acting from the heart, and the hearts of those you meet reflect back what you give off.

3. Your Generosity/Selflessness

Sticking with kindness for a second, your caring and giving nature means you are generous with all that you have. Whether it is time, money, possessions, or knowledge, you can often be found sharing yours with those who need it.

These acts come from a mindset of abundance; you don’t hoard what’s yours away in fear of losing it, you give it freely and without expectation of reward or repayment. That’s impressive, no doubt about it.

4. Your Positive Outlook On Life

You have an optimism that is infectious. Yours is the ‘can do’ attitude that gets other people motivated, and you see obstacles as challenges rather than roadblocks.

Even when life throws you a curveball, your cheery disposition is something that warms the spirit. It shows that no matter the circumstances, you can always see the silver lining and you will never berate life for dealing you a bad hand.

5. Your Resilience

That positivity of yours is a key ingredient in another of your most impressive traits: your resilience and determination. You accept that things will go amiss from time to time and that not everything is within your control, but you will always do your very best to find solutions where they exist and deal with the fallout where they don’t.

You don’t run a mile or fall apart at the first sign of trouble; you stand, you face, and you deal.

6. Your Follow Through

You know full well that words are cheap when not followed by action, so you are one who sticks to what you say. For you, walking the walk is more important than talking the talk, and this approach is very much welcomed by those close to you.

Your follow through makes you reliable, believable, and trustworthy; three qualities of high worth in a person. Yet, despite this, you are not so arrogant or so stubborn as to be unwilling to change course should new evidence come to light.

7. Your Eagerness To Learn

That flexibility mentioned just above comes about, in part, because you are eager to learn and better yourself. You know that perfection is impossible, but you strive towards growth both personally and spiritually.

Instead of resting on your laurels, you look at all the potential you hold and you try to do something with it. If that isn’t something to admire, what is?

8. Your Contentment

You also have this amazing knack of balancing both a desire to grow and evolve, with a sense of pure contentment. You are happy with your lot in life and don’t feel any dissatisfaction arising from the things that may be absent. If the universe conspires in such a way that you gain these things, great, but it’s no big deal to you if they aren’t forthcoming.

You know that all things are transient – they come and they go – so why get worked up about them? No, you have found peace in the knowledge that you are alive and well in the present moment, and this is all that really matters.

9. Your Humility

Unlikeothers who try to impress people, you don’t boast about all the things you have or do; yours is a life of humility. You are reserved when talking about yourself because you feel no need to gain the approval of those around you.

It comes back to your authenticity and acceptance of who you are. When you are that comfortable with yourself, where’s the need to brag about it? It’s just a waste of breath.

10. Your Genuine Interest In Others

The connections you forge with others are what you really place value on, and this drives you to take a genuine interest in their lives. You don’t stop at mere pleasantries and small talk, you delve deeper and actually get to know someone on a more personal level. You are curious, but not nosy, interested, but not obsessively so.

When people feel that you actually care about their lives, they will truly appreciate you for it. It shows that you see them as a fellow human being, equal in every way that matters, and worthy of your time.

11. Your Integrity

You can’t stand idly by and watch as someone is attacked verbally or even physically. No matter what they have done, you insist that they are treated with the respect that all living beings deserve. Even when that person is not present, you cannot abide others speaking ill of them. You won’t necessarily defend their actions, but you will, at least, defend their right to be spoken to, rather than spoken about.

You do all this in a calm and conciliatory manner, acting as a peacemaker when necessary. People respect you for this and know that they can trust you to have their backs.

Now, if you were to think about someone in your life who truly impresses you, can you see how they fit this description? These 11 traits are not the be all and end all of a person, but they are things we all look up to at the end of the day.

What about you? Which of them could you possibly work on? You can share your comment in the comment section below 🙂


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