7 Authentic Gifts to Give Yourself this Holiday Season

“Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.” ~Oren Arnold

“Black Friday” is now over…and so it is that stressful holiday season begins! We move through the motions, we shop, we wonder if we got the right presents, we worry about family dynamics, and before we know it the magic we once saw has been completely replaced by physical and mental exhaustion. Phew!

What happens as we grow up that as  we reach adulthood makes this time of year all about spending money and time we may not have in order to fulfill expectations? Do we really need the anxiety that the shopping season can create? As you reflect upon these questions, take a deep breath and give yourself authentic gifts that don’t require anything but being open.

1. Remember your pure essence

We come into this world allowing new and unknown sensations to enter our lives without resistance.  As children, we let our likes and dislikes to be known and we live in pure bliss.  That purity and innocence gives way to embracing all that life is and everything that is at our disposal.  We are open to exploring, effortlessly.  The world expands and grows with us; the possibilities are endless!

Yet for some reason, the moment our wings begin to expand even more, our thoughts and actions -born out of pure consciousness- are too often replaced by patterns that begin to pre-condition much of how we will travel the road ahead. We are grown-ups now and our tendency to look at life through the rearview mirror is tempting as we wonder where life has gone.

That’s why remembering our pure essence is key to returning to our most natural state; we must not let circumstances block it to the point our existence becomes numb or sanitized just so we may avoid pain, suffering or even joy.  After all, this is the season to be jolly!

2. Grieve

Yes, grieve.  It may sound like a bizarre inner gift,  but grieving and embracing the thought, memory or event that caused us pain allows us to move on; more importantly, it allows us to forgive ourselves.  When we are able to identify the basis of our suffering, accept it and forgive it if necessary, we are able to open our hearts and let the light in…this reconnection with our core and with the universe around us is crucial in our quest to find the self-love that we may have lost along the way. We can’t give away what we don’t have, so imagine sharing this gift with everyone on your list!

3. Rejoice

Find beauty in everything that contributes to your reality and be grateful.  Celebrate all that life has to offer with the understanding that nothing that is not supposed to happen will happen…although we may not see the reasons why at this very moment, there is a place and a time where everything takes shape and begins to make sense.

4. Wonder

Approaching life with a sense of wonder serves a higher purpose than we sometimes can appreciate. The design of our road map is indeed flawless; however, winds change and so do we… a person who feels, grieves and rejoices neither dwells on the negative nor worries about the uncertainties; can you see yourself ending this year free of fear and limiting beliefs?

5. Express

The peaceful spirit soars. It expresses contentment, wisdom and even anger in the most eloquent ways.  These expressions reach deep within and give life eternal flow; they elevate dreams to new heights. They open up communication and possibilities. They are the prelude to great achievements.

6. Create

Action powers the world.  We simply cannot grow in a state of stagnation or paralysis.  We are shaping our future at this very moment, with this very thought… positive creation and flow are innate gifts that we must never take for granted or discard.

7. Re-invent

Never stop discovering.  Commit yourself to a life founded on the notion of feeling like a newborn, living like a child.  No limitations, no judgment or need for justifications.  Surrender.  Lose your fears…of failure, of judgment, of lack, and more importantly – of loving and being loved.  Honor what is rightfully yours and above all, follow your intuition because it may one day save your life through transformation.

My wish for everyone reading this is that you may find happiness and fulfilment no matter what your circumstances. Imagine being able to celebrate this holiday season lighthearted and with a song in your soul! The best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones is your true essence, because when we are truly in touch with it we can harness the power of a universe that is infinite and abundant, ready for us to create a lifelong environment of peace, comfort and joy!


Paulina Brooks

Paulina Brooks is passionate about life and has spent over 20 years committed to ongoing self-healing and transformation; she is also a writer, blogger and the founder of www.AJourneyHome.org, an online community dedicated to helping veterans and their loved ones heal from the silent wounds of war. She currently resides between Los Angeles, California and Viña del Mar, Chile with her husband of 15 years, David.

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