How to Create a Month of Miracles

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

I did some research, and through this wonderful quote is usually attributed to Albert Einstein, there appears to not be any evidence he ever said or wrote it.

However—it’s a challenging paradox to consider, isn’t it?!!

Here’s why I think it’s such a cool paradox to wrestle with: Whether you’re a person who believes in some form of a supernatural being like God, or an atheist, or somewhere else in your beliefs, we have all had the experience of unexpected and unexplainable events in our lives. And, yes, it’s easy to say they are coincidental, of course, and maybe they are. Who knows?

But here’s the other side to consider: What if there’s a way that physicists like Einstein are actually right, and there is a quantum field that connects all things in the Universe? If that’s true, and it sure seems to be proven true through their experiments, then maybe, just maybe, we can look at unexplainable experiences as connections in the Universe that happen, and we just don’t know how they work.

I like to call these connections Miracles.

Like when you pick up the phone to call your best friend who you haven’t talked to for some time, and there she is on the line, having just called you! Coincidence? Maybe.

Or you have an idea that really excites you, and you just happen to run into someone that very day who mentions that very same idea, and wants to support you in making your idea happen!

Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe that connection in The Field that physicists have proven really does exist, and we’re just beginning to learn how it all flows, with us right in the middle of it all!

And maybe, if we pay attention, and open our hearts and minds to seeing the wonderful events in our lives for the miracles they can be, maybe we’ll see more of them. And then more. And then even more.

So, can we live like there are actually miracles happening all around us? Can we open to seeing them in many ways in our lives, and watch as serendipity, synchronicity, chance encounters and beautiful and unexpected doors open up for us that we never could’ve predicted would even be there?

I believe, and I think I’ve seen it enough in my own life, that the more we look for and become awake about these ‘miraculous’ events happening every day, the more we’ll see them.

I like to live that way! Maybe you’ll like it, too.

At any rate, if we have the choice to either see nothing as a miracle, or everything as a miracle, which point of view is the most fun? I vote for everything is a miracle! Way more fun!

So, one exciting step to begin living this miraculous way is by taking on actually Creating a Month of Miracles! If you simply take on the practice of each day looking for the miraculous in your life, and center in these seven touchstones below along the way, you’ll begin to feel over the next month that sweet sense of the miraculous showing up for you, too. It works—My life has changed dramatically over the years through just this practice.

Have fun this next month, and see what happens for your life of miracles.

How to Create a Month of Miracles

1. Pay attention.

Pay attention daily to synchronicity and serendipity as it occurs, and make note of it.This awareness of the miraculous will become a way of looking at life, and you will begin to notice these events happening more often until your whole day seems filled with them!

2. Embrace a miraculous way of life.

Embrace a miraculous way of life, and let go of the fear of doing so. The more we engage in the miraculous, the more it will show up for us. If something is in the way of embracing this kind of life, work on ridding yourself of it as quickly and kindly as possible.

3. Get curious.

Those who have mastered being a “Miracle Magnet” are curious, passionate, interested in all aspects of life, and engaged in living life fully. The more you take on a stance of curiosity, the more miracles you’ll see!

4. Affirm your place in Creation.

This Miracle Mindset does not allow for a separate-in-the-Universe sort of thinking habit. To attract more miracles into your life, you must see that you deserve to be alive, “just as the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here”. Because how could one piece of Creation NOT belong here, meaning YOU, and all the rest of Creation does deserve to exist?

5. Take advantage of miraculous opportunities as they occur.

Stepping into opportunities and running with them is one of the traits in living a Month of Miracles. When they show up, evaluate them, trust your gut, and either go for it or pass on by, happily. But don’t waste time, keep the flow going!

6. Practice loving Life, until you get it fully.

If your life isn’t enjoyable a majority of the time, and your attitude is low, it’s going to be hard for you to notice miracles as they occur around you. So practice loving Life, and All Life, until it becomes a habit. As you do so, miracles will begin to show up in your own life, more and more.

7. Share of yourself.

Share of yourself. Sharing is the way of the Universe, of all Creation.The miracle is inside of you, waiting to come out. Share of yourself with those you love, in your community, with colleagues and employees, neighbors and friends. Let them know you, and get to know them. The more we share, the more in line with Creation we are, and the more we’ll be experiencing every 30 days as a Month of Miracles!

What about you? Are you open to creating a month of miracles? Will you embark on this miraculous journey? You can share your comment in the comment section below 🙂


Don McAvinchey

Don has been a Spiritual Coach since 1998 and loves his work and his empowered and miraculous clients. He has also been doing portrayals of Mahatma Gandhi in the United States and in six trips to India, where he has been called The American Gandhi. Teaching Gandhi’s philosophy across the world to thousands of young people, and the young-at-heart has been a signature honor in his life and has truly been filled with the Miraculous. Don leads a community on Facebook called Your Perfect Life , where he writes, teaches, leads workshops and coaches people interested in creating all that their life can be. You can connect with Don on his Facebook page, Your Perfect Life: Creating a Radically Personal Spiritual Path.

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