Awareness: The Primary Principle of Spirituality

Inner peace begins with awareness, and more importantly, with the ability to remain aware.

When one endeavors a life of spirituality, the primary point of entry is always awareness. This is the genesis to all beneficial change in our lives. It is a must, if we wish to incorporate inner peace, joy, and contentment into our daily existence. The reasons we must be in, and more importantly, remain in, a state of awareness, are numerous.

Awareness: The Primary Principle of Spirituality

Let us begin by asking a few simple questions:

1. Why should one focus on being in a state of awareness?

Breaking Subconscious patterns

In my life, the subconscious patterns were extreme and painful. I would often hurt myself and others, in subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, ways. The pain that I had experienced in my past was chief in my daily life. I had no idea at the time that these patterns even existed. I was just living my life, and was depressed, angry, frustrated and lost.

I looked around at my friends and family, and to varying degrees, I saw them suffering too. It was perplexing to me, to feel within myself, that I was a ‘good’ person, who did lots external ‘bad’ things. Negativity and close-mindedness ran my life. The subconscious pain was hardening my heart, and I had no idea why this was happening.

The beauty of awareness is that it connects us to consciousness, and more importantly, conscious living.

We cannot go on living our lives unaware of who we are hurting, what we are saying, and how we are feeling, if we expect to live happy, fulfilling lives. We must align ourselves with awareness to remain in a conscious state of mind. With this, it becomes natural, to question the ‘bad’ things in our lives, and to quickly return to love, and all the ‘good’ things that love provides us.

2. What do I become aware of?

Looking in the mirror

We become aware of ourselves, of course. When we develop a daily pattern of awareness, we deny the ego access to our subconscious patterns, and look squarely at ourselves and what our desire in life really is.

This awareness allows us to override the subconscious patterns that have haunted us throughout our lives, and bring us directly and powerfully into the now. We can then access love, kindness and compassion, without the interference of painful past patterns interrupting our glorious lives.

We cannot do this without looking at ourselves and paying attention to what we think, how we act, and how we feel. It is up to us to stop the insane belief that a ‘tiger will never change his stripes’ and develop a daily routine of awareness for beneficial change.

The power of awareness far exceeds any passive engagement within our psyches, as it encompasses a reality that is eternal, and completely whole. It releases a hold on us that has been in place far too long, for I know that one minute of a subconscious painful experience, is too long!

With a finger on the pulse of consciousness, we can move mountains, but we can sometimes not even get out of bed, when pain patterns run our daily experiences. So as we look into the mirror, we find our own divinity, within our flaws and imperfections, because we now have a power that breaks the chain of pain that hurts ourselves and others, and brings us to a conscious life of love for ourselves, others and our universe.

3. How do I develop the ability to remain aware?

Daily spiritual practice

As part of our escape plan from pain to pleasure, we have to have a guide to help us on our way. This guide is divine and more powerful than any carnal power that exists. It is love, and it is all that is. Yet, as we live in a tangible, carnal world we have daily grapples with our ego.

The ego lives in our minds and has lots of things to remind us of daily. Its power lies in our past patterns, and if we don’t remain aware, we have a tendency to fall back into the ego’s grasp. With the power of awareness, we can fully access our power at any time, in any moment, and return to love.

The most powerful tools we can use daily are prayer and meditation.

These are the instruments we use to access awareness. It opens the door to our conscious mind. It reminds us daily of our own divinity. It compels us to connect to a power that knows nothing of our subconscious patterns, pain, or fear of any kind.

When we pray and meditate daily, it fortifies our spiritual strength. It brings with it a design to our lives that is creative, expressive and joyous, both individually and collectively. Without daily communication with our creator, we cannot become or remain in, a constant state of awareness.

The spiritual practice we develop is paramount to being able to bring awareness to our lives.

If one can understand and more importantly honor the power of awareness, the course is set. We can develop a life of living in conscious states of being. When one lives in a conscious state, the subconscious patterns of pain fade away to dust.

We develop new patterns, integrated within our own divinity. This shapes a new existence that no longer fears, what we used to do, what we used to think, or how we used to feel.


Joaquin Sonoqui

Joaquin Sonoqui, author of Caru- A man (in love) written under J. A. Sonoqui, is available on kindle e-books. He is a love coach, and brings a practical, simple approach to his teachings of the ‘3 principles of spirituality’. Also blogging daily at, a blog to lift the fog!

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