Why Reconnecting with Nature Is so Important

Reconnecting with nature is a wonderful way to connect ourselves emotionally and spiritually with our own nature and our own existence.

Why Reconnecting with Nature Is so Important

Technology has changed our lives forever.

Thanks to social media we are connected with almost everyone on the planet.

But are we really connected in a way that can help make a difference around us?

Virtual reality is already here. It will enable you to experience every natural and technical wonder you want.

But will these experiences be human, alive or mesmerizing as they are today?

Can these experiences even compare to the real deal?

Maybe technology will overcome that flaw as well.

But it can also make it worse as the polluted air and water have already caused so much loss for a large number of species.

Let’s discuss it today.

4 Steps to Reconnecting with Nature

You must be self-educated enough to understand the intensity of this matter.

Modern Humans survived very well for 200.000 years coexisting side by side all the other creatures of this planet.

We were fighting wars, killing and destroying each other but it never affected nature.

Then the first wave of Industrialization took place almost 2,000 years ago.

And humans changed the future of this planet forever.

Today millions of humans are breathing extremely polluted air, obliged to drink the water which is home to countless diseases.

And what about the other species of this ecosystem?

When did we decide we own this planet and could use its resources for the so-called welfare of mankind?

Global warming and climate change are just the beginning.

We can never predict and prepare ourselves for how Nature will react to this immense devastation.

What makes me hopeless is that even the most powerful and resourceful countries are not taking it seriously.

And soon we won’t have a planet left if we do not take significant actions to save it.

Our forefathers have given us this legacy. Should we not amend the way we treat nature?

Creation and Destruction both are the products of our imagination. It is us, all of us who are responsible for the current state of our world. So, it should be us, who take a stand to save it before it’s too late for us.

Because it is us who still hold the key to unlock the future we want for our children.

1. Explore your relationship with nature

In the history of our civilization for the very first time, the human race has the access to almost each and every corner of this planet. We can even explore Antarctica, the Amazon rainforests and the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. Still billions of people never travel in their lives.

To connect ourselves emotionally and spiritually with our own existence we need nature’s help.

It is when you reach the top of a mountain or when you are in the middle of the sea, completely alone there you realize what it really means to be alive.

You explore the magic of breathing fresh air, a fascinating touch of wind on your cheek and your true self.

Do it once and you will understand the importance of reconnecting with Nature and its inhabitants.

2. Valuing Nature

We have to redefine everything and it starts with how we measure the value of things around us.

Humans only value what benefits them. If cutting down woods is profitable for us we won’t hesitate once. If transporting crude oil in oil tankers by ships is required we will risk the whole marine life.

If a spill takes place it puts the survival of thousands of aquatic birds and mammals at the stake.

We have already caused enough damage to the ecosystem of various seas across the world.

The contamination of air in all big cities has reached hazardous levels. Air purifiers, sparsely used will become a household accessory in the near future.

3. Develop your connection with other beings

There was a time when we used to live in harmony with all kinds of animals.

Elephants, monkeys and even snakes. We would take care of each other and had a deep connection with them.

Then little by little, we started advancing in technology and they were all left behind.

We even undervalued them and made ourselves superior to other species who have been existing on this planet since long before the first human walked on earth.

We have to find a way to connect with these animals again and make them part of our daily lives.

Keanu Reeves played a very interesting role in a movie named “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

In a scene, he argued with a doctor that our creator will not allow one single species which is us (Humans) to destruct a planet that’s home to millions of other species.

And that’s why the creator sent him to wipe us all out of existence, because that what it would have taken to save the other lives on earth.

It was a movie but it could be our reality one day.

4. Powerful Learning from Nature

In the end, the question we face is what can we do to minimize the consequences of our doings?

Who is going to teach us to avoid the adverse effects that new technology or innovations are having on the other species?

There is no greater teacher than Nature itself.

Let’s hear the words of Richard Jefferies here.

“If you wish your children to think deep thoughts, to know the holiest emotions, take them to the woods and hills, and give them the freedom of the meadows; the hills purify those who walk upon them.”

So learn from the trees, oceans, mountains and from the stars and moon.

They will teach you how to empower each other without violating anyone’s existence.

That is why there will be no conclusion here, only a new beginning in your hearts.

Thank You!


Ari Banayan

Ari Banayan is born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.He is the co-founder of Habitnest.com.He is also part of a startup company dedicated to helping people incorporate healthy lifestyle habits into their everyday living.His passion is learning to help others who are on their own paths to creating the changes they themselves know they want through his writing. You can follow him on Twitter at @habitnest . More information and his blog can be found at www.habitnest.com/

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