How to Rewrite Your Story and Live a Purposeful Life

As a hypnotherapist with an academic background in Psychology, I’ve been obsessed with consciousness for years and have come to believe that it is our experiences in life that live on in our consciousness after our bodies return to earth yet we have so few that are meaningful in the grand scheme of things.

We trade in our soul’s journey for a safe programmatic life of repetition and meaningful experiences take a back seat to our mounding responsibilities.

Rewrite Your Story

Life is a story. I say this all the time. The narratives that you loop in your mind about yourself, others and the world are projected outwardly to create a reality based on that story.  In essence, your reality is created from your perceptions of life. 

Your life’s narrative is shaped by your perceptions which in turn are created from your belief system. Since the universe will always validate your beliefs you can see how your reality is created from the internal you.

You are the author and co-creator of your life. The word author comes from the Latin word ‘Auctor’ which means the originator or creator.  You are creating your reality right now with the stories that you tell and it’s unfolding every day just as it would in a storybook.

Sometimes we create narratives for ourselves that are not authentic to who we are and can cause a bevy of problems-emotional and physical- due to this disconnection to the true self. 

Must you be mindful of the narrative you’re telling for your life? Is it authentic to who you are? Are your perceptions aligned with your highest self?

3 Steps to Rewrite Your Story and Live a Purposeful Life

Our reality is always reflecting the narrative we are ‘writing’ in the NOW so write your story authentically with intention!  Then go tell it on the mountain!

1. Write what your dream life looks like.

Don’t focus on possessions. Focus on experiences. Don’t write what you think you can accomplish or afford. Write about your dreams. What is your passion? What gets you excited? What activities do you love so much you would do all day for free? What life experiences do you want to attract?  Let your imagination soar.

Now, you have a vision.

You may have to tweak your vision at first but that’s okay. Sometimes what we think we want is an illusion created by our misguided ego. I know this firsthand. However, you must have an aim. Otherwise, you are aimless and that’s when you fall prey to programmatic living.

2. Meditate on your vision. Feel your future.

We are magnets in our universe. We attract experiences by the way we think and feel.  A daily practice of meditation is a great way to connect with your true self which knows the way to your highest and greatest good.  In the stillness is where I recenter and reconnect.

So, how do you feel your future? Visualize your dream life. Focus on how you would feel if you were already living it. Now, stay in that feeling as long as you can. Repeat this practice daily and do everything in your power to always BE HAPPY NOW!

You will begin to see opportunities and have ideas that match the resonance of that feeling.

3. Inspired Action- Start walking the path.

Opportunities and ideas are useless if not acted upon. ACT!! This is your crumb trail. This is your journey of rediscovering self and becoming truly fulfilled in this lifetime.

Some may struggle at this stage. When the rubber meets the road our old conditioning and programming come to sabotage us. Face fear head on knowing that the path of your soul’s purpose has already been paved for you. There may be a few bumpy roads before you find it but allow your authentic self to lead you there.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls” Joseph Campbell


Michele Mathis

Michele is a Personal Development & Consciousness Coach and Retreat Facilitator. She combines her traditional academic roots in Marriage and Family therapy and Hypnotherapy with her passion for creative writing and mythology, to help innovate change and empower women. Find out more about her

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