Green Healing: The Amazing Health Benefits of Being in Nature

Being in nature is refreshing, as we all know it. But what most of us do not know is that being amidst green nature has healing effects and physiological benefits too. With our current lifestyle, not only do we spend the whole day sitting at our desks, but we also have no time for exercise. Our bodies are not made for a sedentary lifestyle or to be glued to our screens for the whole day. This eventually takes a toll on our health and leads to obesity, poor vision, sleep disorders, respiratory problems, and stress.

It has been seen that spending time in nature can counter these effects and invigorate us mentally and physically. Walking in nature or taking a swim in the pool is not just relaxing but serves as a good exercise for the body. Inhaling fresh, unpolluted air is a welcome break from being out in traffic with smoke and toxic air, or being indoors and taking in fumes from painted walls or animal dander. It has also been seen that our brain’s pre-frontal cortex is well rested when we are out in nature leading to lower stress.

Being in nature has many more beneficial effects such as resetting our sleep cycle, making our body follow our circadian rhythm and providing ample Vitamin D which we otherwise do not get sufficient quantities of, through food. Check the infographic to know why it is crucial to incorporate nature walks as a part of your lifestyle, and how it can help you.

Green Healing: The Amazing Health Benefits of Being in Nature

Green Healing: The amazing health benefits of being in nature


Erick Blake

Erick is a health and fitness blogger. He is an avid reader and has written several articles on Yoga and Fitness. When he is not reading or writing, he loves to travel and explore new, distant places. He loves sports and has played semi-professional football.

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