5 Ways to Bring Meaning Back into Your Life

Our generation is characterized by increasing rates of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. We feel stuck. The harder we try, the harder it gets. Most of us are not happy with our jobs or relationships. We wish for love and a satisfying job.

What Brings Meaning Into Your Life?

We often ask ourselves:

What is my life all about? Why do I have this uncomfortable feeling in my heart? Why do I feel lonely? Why is life so tough? Why can’t it be simple? Why can’t I be happy?

5 Ways to Bring Meaning Back into Your Life

We try to bring meaning back into our lives. We wish to live a fulfilling life but it is tough to find the right direction.

What should you do to live a meaningful life?

1. Embrace The Present And Be Positive

Instead of living in the future or the past, live in the present. Be grateful for what you have. You have enough for the present moment. Unless you are happy for what you have in the present- your home and a healthy body, you can’t be happy about what you will have in the future – your endless desires.

You have to learn how to enjoy your gifts from the present to be able to enjoy your dreams of the future. It is because the future will become present. Your dreams of the future will become a part of the present when you’ll achieve them. Then you won’t be able to appreciate them because at that moment you will be wishing for something else. We must learn how to live in the present and appreciate our gifts.

Find something positive in every difficult situation. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to, but it always turns out for our best. Find something positive even in the toughest situations. Be patient. Everything will turn out fine.

2. Get A Meaningful Job

Imagine yourself spending most of your life at a place which you dislike, doing work that you hate and feeling depressed on Mondays. Do you really want to spend your entire life in this way? Don’t you want to wake up every morning excited about work?

We spend a major part of our day at work. Choose a job that you love. Find a career which is right for you.

To choose the right career, find your passion. How to determine your passion?

Try different fields like dancing, singing, coding or painting. Identify something that makes you forget about time, something that you can do effortlessly. This is exactly what your passion is. This is your heart’s calling. Build your career in this field so that work becomes fun and every Monday feels like a Friday.

The second thing which you must consider is money. Once you have chosen your passion, find out whether this can generate sufficient money to satisfy minimum survival needs-food, shelter and other basic necessities.

So while selecting your career, consider both money and passion.

Believe in yourself. You can achieve your dreams and bring meaning back into your life at the same time.

3. Appreciate Your Relationships: They Are The Food To Your Soul

Many studies have proved that relationships play a crucial role in the overall health of an individual. You cannot survive by yourself. You need your loved ones for your survival. You need their love. Do not take your relationships for granted. Do not take the efforts of your loved ones for granted. Appreciate your family and friends. Spend time with them.

If you have been hurt by someone then forgive them. If you have lost someone you loved then be brave enough to give love another chance. One day, love will find its way to you. Till then, keep working on yourself. Be yourself.

This person needs you as much as you need them. You need to be patient. Do not give up on love. You will end up with people who are right for you.

4. There Is No Shortcut To Success: Hard Work Is The Key

Everything in life demands hard work. If you wish to get your dream job or your dream partner, then you have to work really hard. You can get anything you want in life if you are willing to work hard for it. Your determination will help you to succeed.

Every successful person has gone through many hardships in their lives. There will be failures. Learn from them and move forward. Take a break whenever necessary, but keep going. Do not give up. Work hard until you achieve your goals.

5. Make Your Life Worth Living!

All of us are a bit broken and lonely. We all need love. All of us are looking for someone to hold us when our world is crashing down, when our demons are overpowering us, when we feel that we are not strong enough, we wish for someone to be there with us and tell us that we are not alone.

Life is tough at times and only during these times, we realize the importance of love for our existence and realize that only love can save us.

Be kind to people. Walk away from the wrong people.

At times, we feel that we are not good enough. But remember that there is great power inside you- the power of love and kindness. This power will help you to deal with all the adversities of life. This power makes you wonderful.

There are kids who don’t even know why they don’t have parents, food, shelter or education. If you have no family, then make these kids your family. Kids don’t mean harm to anyone. Their hearts are pure. The happiness that you’d bring to their lives will make your life worth living. They will make you feel valued.

You will find your tribe someday. Your life is a precious gift.



Utkarsha Kashyap

Utkarsha writes about self-improvement. She intends to inspire people to live life to the fullest and follow their purpose, be positive and kind, live life fearlessly and happily

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