5 Steps To Bring Back Love Into Your Life

“Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love.”~ Mandy Hale

There are some periods of the year that cause your soul to crave companionship, and you feel pulled to join with that one individual the Universe has created for you. You desire to find your soulmate.

In reality, you are already connected to that individual. Every choice you make, and every interaction with other individuals, helps the Universe lead you into the relationship of your dreams.

The real goal as you manifest your soulmate is to prepare yourself to receive that which the Universe has already created for you. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. So, by being your best self, you’re destined to attract your best mate. The most powerful way to do that is to work from within.

Focusing on yourself is not as selfish as it might sound. Working to take care of and improve ourselves is one of the most powerful forms of self-love there is.

When you take a step back and take time to nurture yourself by working on the deeper issues of forgiveness, appreciation, intention, and openness, you make room for magic to occur by allowing space for the Universe to hear your call.

5 Self-Love Steps To Bring Back Love Into Your Life

Manifesting your soulmate is a process. Working through these five steps is a profound self-care method that will help you feel empowered to become a clean slate, ready and open for love.

1. Forgiving & Releasing Your Past

Knowing that your soulmate is on their way, you need to make room in your life and your heart for them. One of the most powerful processes you can do for self-care and positive manifestation is to forgive and release all that has come before.

What you resist persists, so when you hold on to resentment you are actually calling in more of that those negative feelings. Forgive the past loves who have hurt you, or not done right by you. Forgive the people in your life and your past who have caused any harm or negativity. Most importantly, you must forgive your past self.

Forgive yourself for poor judgment, poor choices in relationships, or anything you have done to cause harm to yourself and others. It’s ok. Your past has shaped you, your relationships have shaped you, your loves have shaped you, and your mistakes have shaped you – but they don’t own you, and they are not your identity or your destiny.

Release all that tension you’ve held on to, and let it go. You deserve that.

2. Appreciating What You Have

If you want to manifest your soulmate, it is imperative to acknowledge all the other blessings in your life before asking for more. Gratitude is a practice that allows us to reframe our thoughts to focus on what we have instead of what we don’t.

When you are focused on what is lacking in your life, you will never have what you want, because you will always want more. If you train your mind to be grateful for all the beautiful things you already have in your life, you will always have what you want, and be more in tune to be able to manifest the things that you desire to bring into your life.

Appreciation breeds abundance.

Try beginning and ending every day by expressing your gratitude for one thing in your life. This blessing can be anything at all, big or small, an object or a person, a lesson or a question, a challenge or a celebration – whatever you are thankful for. Pick just one thing to focus on and express your gratitude, either out loud or in writing. By doing this every day, you will train your mind to open up to all the blessings you already have.

(Super manifesting tip: Gratitude for your challenges or the things in your life that you might label as “bad” is one of the quickest ways to shift your energy and attract positive manifestation into your life!)

3. Focusing On What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

The third step is what most people think of when they think about doing manifestation work. Setting your intentions is, of course, a vital step in manifesting your soulmate. You are demonstrating love for Self when you are clear about your desires. But there are ways of setting intentions that are more effective than others. It is so important that when you set your intentions, you are very clear about what it is that you want and don’t want. Take some time to meditate and understand precisely the person that you want to manifest as your soulmate.

Ask yourself what traits your soulmate could have that are complementary to who you are and who you are becoming, and what things would blend to create a wonderful life together for you both.

Think about the sort of person who will add to your life, but also who you would be able to add to equally. Once you are absolutely clear about what you want, reflect on the opposite. Know your desires as much as what you would like to avoid. Then set your intention and always focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want.

Remember that like attracts like, and what we focus on expands, so keep your mind in the light! With your intentions set and focused on your desires, be confident that you are manifesting that reality into your life.

4. Falling In Love With Yourself

It is entirely natural to want to have a fulfilling relationship with your soulmate and experience love in that fashion. But when manifesting your soulmate, it is essential to fall in love with yourself first! Recognize the amazing person that you are! You have come so far and overcome so much. You are strong, interesting, and lovable. You are as deserving of your love as your soulmate is. Never forget that.

Loving yourself well, and falling in love with who you are, breeds confidence. That confidence is deeply attractive to everyone in your life, and it will be especially attractive to your soulmate when they arrive. Start by focusing on every aspect of your being that you love! Appreciate all your positive aspects, talents and gifts.

Send them your love and gratitude. Now for the more challenging part….allow yourself to focus on things that you don’t like about yourself or would like to grow or change. There won’t be any wallowing here. Heck no! We are going to send these areas of yourself love and light as if you were pouring your love onto a little newborn baby. Instead of resentment, discomfort or even hatred that you might feel for these aspects of yourself, how can you find and grow a sense of love for these areas?

For instance, maybe you’ve never liked the size of your thighs and at times have felt disgusted for them.

How can you consciously change your feeling of disgust into feelings of love? Can you appreciate that your legs are strong and carry you around through your days? That they give you the capability to walk, run and play? When you can find the love in your discomfort your perception starts to change, and the physical tends to follow. Loving your past challenges, resentments, and dislikes are where you can affect the quickest changes in your life. These areas are magical.

As you fall in love with yourself you will start to see quick manifestations begin to happen. Be sure to keep your focus on the progress you are making and be proud! Love comes from within, so if you learn to love yourself, you will only have that much more love to share with your soulmate.

5. Being Open To Receive

Finally, self-love requires that you are open to receive love. Often I hear people say that they want to find their soulmate and yet they are resistant and have blocks up to protect their heart. Maybe they have been hurt in the past  (see Step 1 on Forgiveness) and haven’t allowed the guards to come down or maybe they are skeptical and filled with doubt.

The universe only reads vibrations. The vibrations of resistance and doubt repel, whereas hope and faith attract. Open your heart to all of the possibilities that abound! Start by allowing in love from the people who care about you and are already in your life.

Remember that love comes to us in so many forms. Learning to wholeheartedly embrace the love that is already in your life right now will program you to be open to the possibility of love anywhere around you.

You never know where your soulmate will show up in your life, so being open to whatever love comes your way allows you to seek those possibilities in your path actively. Being open and vulnerable in love always shows real strength. Embrace the love that comes to you and expect that the best is yet to come.

The Universe is ready to unite you with your soulmate and provide you with unbelievable happiness. As you love yourself and open your heart and mind to the rich blessing that is meeting and loving your one, true soulmate, miracles occur.

Once you have learned to manifest that which your heart desires, the relationship of your dreams will move swiftly towards you with magnetic attraction.

You will be able to move into this new relationship with a spirit of forgiveness, both for your past and present self and also for your new-found relationship.

You will have an infectious sense of gratitude that will form the basis of the healthy love you find in this new relationship. You will have developed the habit of focusing on positive desires, defining things in terms of what you want, rather than what you do not want.

You will continue to fall in love with yourself daily and find that it is the overflow of this love that we can share with others and use to build loving relationships. This love will also give you the strength to remain open to those around you and let their love encourage and lift you up.

May your new practice of self-love bring to manifestation the soulmate of your dreams!


Karen Kripalani

Karen is a manifestation coach who has been living and teaching conscious creating for 20 years. As co-founder of Beauty Everywhere & Oceanhouse Media app development companies, and author of breakthrough apps “Manifest Your Soulmate” and “I Am Bliss” she helps to shift energy by encouraging the development of self-love practices. As a coach, Karen uplifts and inspires others to create fulfilling lives filled with purpose, happiness and love. She believes that by focusing on your positive desires, gratitude, and seeing the beauty in every situation you will bring about the manifestation of your greatest dreams. Using Law of Attraction techniques she manifested true love, and has been happily married to her best friend, partner and soulmate since 2006. They reside in San Diego, CA with their two beautiful children.

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