4 Simple Ways to Raise Your Self Esteem After a Downfall

For a long time, my lack of self-confidence was so crippling, I could hardly get myself to leave home. A multitude of insecurities were gnawing at me and it felt like I was this tiny speck of dust that was worth nothing. Do you know the feeling?

If yes, let me tell you now that You Are Wrong!

You deserve to be happy, and to feel pretty, and to be generally settled and secure in who and what you are.

4 Simple Tips to Raise Your Self-Esteem After a Downfall

I know it’s hard to believe now but I hope these 4 simple tips, which helped me improve my self esteem after my downfall, will help you too.

1. Build yourself a home gym and start using it

Going to a gym and putting yourself on display in front of strangers isn’t an option if you have self-esteem issues like mine. However, exercise does wonder for boosting your confidence so working out is a must. First of all, it helps make your body more attractive, which is an immediate boost to your self-esteem. It also literally makes you feel happier, so it becomes easier to fight the quagmire of depression and negativity.

The best news for those who are shy or insecure like myself is that you don’t have to go to gym. You can exercise at home and get all the same physical benefits. In fact, you’ll get more because you won’t be hindered by stress and anxiety. Thus, you’ll be able to focus on the workout. Personally, I started with a treadmill and dumbbells.

The former was to lose weight (which I desperately needed) and the latter to help me build strength and feel safer. Feeling weak was a major factor in my self-esteem issues, so increasing strength was a great help. I suggest you think about which physical aspect of yourself you want to change through exercise and pick equipment based on that.

Then, begin working out. With the right equipment, you’ll start seeing the changes quite quickly and seeing them will push you to work harder.

2. Achieve emotional balance with the help of meditation

On my worst days (which were the majority of my days back then) I felt a horrible mix of anxiety, depression, and self-hatred. The emotional turmoil made it hard to focus upon actually solving any issues. Meditation was what helped me to find some much-needed inner calm in order to start working on getting better.

It’s a proven fact that meditation helps fight depression and mood swings. From experience, I say that it’s effective for building self-confidence as well because it makes you the master of your own mind. You can use this 10-minute chakra balance meditation to help release the negative energy that is hiding within you and preventing you from enjoying your life.

3. Achieve a small victory over your low self-esteem every day

Do you know what can really send your self-esteem sky high? A victory over your insecurities!

Every day, do one small thing that you are afraid of. If you think yourself unattractive, look at yourself in the mirror and apply some bold make-up. If you don’t have the confidence to meet new people, wish some stranger on the street a good day. The point is to overpower your low self-esteem by doing something that it holds you back from doing. Celebrate your small victories every day and feel self esteem blossom within you.

4. Rationalize your insecurities (and watch them fall apart)

I’ll admit that visualizations and affirmations have never worked for me. In fact, imagining myself beautiful, strong and successful only made me feel worse because I wasn’t like that now.

Rationalizing, however, did the trick that those mental exercises were supposed to do. The object of these techniques is to make your mind believe that you are worth more than what your low self-esteem is making you think. I achieved this by taking my insecurities apart and rationalizing them. Try starting by persuading yourself that you deserve to be happy because it’s the most fundamental right of every human being.

The most important thing to remember is that you can do this. It’s absolutely within your ability to get the self-confidence you need to go out there in the world and shine.

The power to do this comes from within and it’s fueled by your ability to love yourself. Children are best teachers of self-love as to them it comes naturally, but us adults lose the way sometimes.

These 4 techniques listed above will help you to rediscover this feeling and wipe away your insecurities.


Kate Bregovic

Kate is a wife, mother, writer and fitness enthusiast. She covers many areas of writing – from business management trends to fitness regimes. When she’s not writing, she enjoys working out at the gym, planning outdoor adventures with her family and cooking. You can get to know her better by visiting her Facebook Page.

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