The 5 Lessons Children Should learn When They Are Little

The most important things children should learn when they are little are the things you teach them as a parent, right?

Okay, having a child is an adventure. There are many enjoyable aspects but also a great deal of responsibility to raise a functional, righteous, and happy human being.

The 5 Lessons Children Should learn When They Are Little

To do that, there are some things children should learn when they’re still little. Discover the tools that will help your child become a better version of themselves. 

1. Be Independent

If there’s one thing your children must learn from the moment they walk and talk, is to be independent on some level. This doesn’t mean you’ll leave your child on their own to take care of themselves, but encouraging them to be curious and figure small things out on their own can save you a lot of trouble when they reach school age.

If you see your child trying to get out a toy that got stuck somewhere, instead of running to solve the problem for them give them guidance and support so they know they can do it on their own. The feeling of independence equals self-confidence. 

2. Be grateful

A grateful child is a happy child. How so? It’s not just about teaching them to say “thank you”.

It’s about making them understand what people do for him/her and genuinely recognize someone’s efforts. When children are truly grateful for what they have (a home, a family, food, education) it’s easier to raise selfless people who focus on values, effort, and knowledge rather than shallow feelings and material things. 

3. Communicate

One of the most important lessons you should give to your children when they’re little is to communicate and to do so effectively. When a child is capable of properly sharing feelings, ideas, and opinions, they grow with a sense of their voice mattering.

Also, teaching them to communicate will guarantee you’ll always have a very open and candid relationship with your children which ultimately leads to trust and deep understanding. 

4. Develop Reading Habits

For a while, people forgot reading can be a big part of a child’s life and have a huge impact on them. Luckily, over the past few years, the reading habit has been retaken by parents because of the proven benefits it has on children as little as less than a year old.

Reading to and with your children can increase their attention span, strengthen their vocabulary, spark their curiosity on several topics, and, ultimately, prepare them for school.

If you can link reading to a pleasurable activity, school will be more enjoyable for your children.

5. Be Tolerant

In this day and age, there’s not a value as talked about as tolerance. Most of the social issues people didn’t recognize are now of great importance, and intolerance is publicly despised. In an ever-changing world, teaching your children about people being different (whether it’s for their race, sexual orientation, health or other) and teaching them to respect these differences is a must.

It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are towards any controversial topic. If you teach your children to respect and tolerate differences above all, you’ll be making sure to raise a good person. 

Some of these things are values, some of them are habits. But we assure you teaching your children everything on this list will get you a healthy relationship with your healthy and happy child.


Carol Wang

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