The Beauty of Gaining Emotional Clarity

One of the most beautiful gifts that meditation offers is the ability to tune in at a deeper, much more subtle level for gaining emotional clarity. When we do this, we begin to notice the subtle emotions that are playing in the background.

Sometimes we may find ourselves being guided or controlled by negative emotions, which simply need to be recognized and acknowledged. Other times we may tune into emotions that are more uplifting and positive.

However, it does take a little practice to be able to gain emotional clarity and notice those subtle emotions quietly guiding us in the background and gain emotional clarity.

When you start to pay more attention to those subtle emotions, you begin to get a much clearer picture of what might be going on in your life or your thoughts.

Gaining Emotional Clarity

For example, on the conscious plane, you might think that you are going to the gym to be healthy. However, the subtle emotion playing in the background is the fear of being fat.

The same thing applies to eating in a healthy manner. You might think you are eating healthily, but really be concerned with eating the wrong foods or gaining weight.

The Beauty of Gaining Emotional Clarity

When you sense this type of cognitive disconnection, it’s a good time to take a moment to tune in. When you stop and pay attention to that subtle voice, you begin to realize which emotions are guiding you. You might also begin to see situations more clearly and recognize when you are being controlled by someone else’s negative emotions.

Why the Fear of Confrontation Holds Us Back

The fear of confrontation sometimes holds us back. We walk around on eggshells trying to make everyone happy. When we do this we withhold our genuine expression and we don’t express what is true for us.

We’re so afraid of angering someone or triggering someone, we withhold the truth. Anytime we are withholding the truth we are repressing the true beauty of our soul.

A better way to manage those subtle emotions is to come from a place of courage and love, especially self-love. Taking that time to tune in and get in touch with your spirituality can help you more fully understand where someone might be coming from.

When you meditate and self-reflect, you tap into your own kind of spiritual flow. You start doing things from a place of love, rather than from a place of anger or fear.

When you allow yourself to tune in and to be centered, you can start to relax and listen to the voice of your soul. You begin to understand what you need to feel positive, happy or joyful.

As you do this, your energy begins to expand and flow and you also begin to discover what is right for you.

Tuning into that Sweet Place of Flow

There is a lot of magic and synchronicity that happens when you start tuning into those subtle emotions running in the background.

This place of spiritual flow helps you ease into the energy of oneness and the energy of connection. You start to see things coming together for the greater good of all. You raise your vibration and start thinking and acting differently. You start seeing everything and everyone from a beautiful lens of love.

The more you can start to tune in subtly and allow yourself to choose the place from which you want to live, whether it’s fear, or love, the happier and more peaceful you will feel. Instead of thinking you’re not good enough you start tuning into a place where you can drop those unconscious false beliefs that come from a place of fear.

It’s a subtle shift but a very powerful one.

The next time you feel stressed or anxious, try putting your hands on your heart and close your eyes and really tune into those subtle emotions that resonate from the heart space. Focus on what makes you feel good and what you want to do.

Feel your heart expand with each deep breath. Feel the subtle energy. You might even be able to feel your heart opening or contracting, depending upon what kind of energy you are tuned into at the moment. If you sense lower energy, that is your fear speaking to you. If you sense a feeling of oneness, you know you are coming from a place of love.

It can be challenging to tune out negative emotions and to tune out the fear, but it is possible. When you allow yourself to be inwardly guided, you come from a place of love and acceptance and acknowledgment.

As a result, life feels much more positive and enriching. So I invite you to try this practice and let me know how it goes.




Sura is a highly experienced Meditation Coach and Trainer, and is passionate about helping people tap into their joy through the practice of meditation. She first discovered meditation when she was in severe pain while working on Wall Street. After receiving profound healing benefits from her sitting practice, she left New York to study meditation in Asia and has been teaching meditation ever since. Read more on Sura’s meditation blog.

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