What if there were some happiness hacks to help you experience more joy in your life, would you want to know what those are?

We all could use more happiness in our lives. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose that sense of glee and joy at times, whether things go wrong or life gets a little boring.

7 Unique Happiness Hacks to Experience Immediate Joy

But the truth is that things do not have to be that way. Below are 7 unique happiness hacks that you can use to instantly start feeling more joy in your life.

1. Put Problems into Perspective

Most people think that problems are the reason why they are unhappy. What’s more is that they think that when problems are solved, they will become happier.

This is true, but only to an extent.

Most people have not realized that once an upsetting problem is solved, it is common for them to just be equally upset about a new problem within a few days – or even a few minutes. When humans invent new devices or technologies to solve a problem, all it does is rearrange the world to the way we want it to be.

But will there ever be a time when an invention is made, and we finally cease to have another problem with the world?

My hope is that you realize the answer is no. You see, if you tell yourself you will only be happy once a problem is fixed, then you have already set yourself up to be disappointed in the near future.

Instead, choose to be in a happy state of mind before trying to resolve whatever issue you have. In this way, you will find that the majority of all the problems you have are easier to deal with, and you will be a lot happier in the process.

Not sure how to be in a happy state of mind? Read the rest of this article!

2. Learn from a Spiritual Teacher

Whether you are religious, atheist, agnostic, or somewhere in between, you will likely find value and insight from spiritual teachers that teach you self-empowerment of the soul.

Spiritual teachers have the effect of offering lasting self-empowering insight. You learn about how the mind and spirit function at a fundamental level, so you learn how to master yourself to bring yourself fulfillment. Therefore, if you have the intention of creating lasting fulfillment, then learning from these teachers could be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

Two of the most well-known are Eckhart Tolle and Michael Singer. The Power of Now and The Untethered Soul both contain powerful ideas, practical exercises, and enlightening experience as you read, and you will find that the action of reading their books can lift you up.

3. Shower to Give Yourself More Energy

Something overlooked that not many people talk about is taking a shower to lift your mood. It truly can rejuvenate you and give yourself a sense of renewed energy.

When you are in the shower, spend some time to be alone and relax. Loosen up and open your heart. It’s easy to let go of any worry you have about the world when you are in this kind of environment, so it’s easy to feel better.

An additional tip is to turn the water to a temperature that is opposite of the weather. If it’s hot outside, turn the water on cold. If it’s cold outside, turn the water to hot. This will help maximize the quality of the experience.

4. Work Towards a Meaningful Goal

Whether it’s working out, paying off debt, learning a new skill, there are always ways to improve your life and find fulfillment while you’re doing it.

If lasting happiness is something you want (which most of us do), then one of the best ways to do that is to build a good habit or work towards a productive goal.

The process of working towards a meaningful goal is very complex, and everyone’s journey to realizing their goals is different.

I recommend listening to Tony Robbins, as he is arguably one of the best performance coaches on the planet. A simple youtube search for a Tony Robbins seminar video will give you a wealth of fantastic learning and personal growth opportunities. His charismatic persona and voice will certainly give you entertainment and a confidence boost if nothing else.

5. Visualize the Happiest, Best Version of Yourself

Imagine you had no flaws. No limits on what you can do with your life. What would you be doing?

Imagine for a few minutes what your life would like.

Dwell on it.

You’d wake up and have the motivation to chase your dreams. You are grateful to live with the love of your life. You get up and have a healthy breakfast. You go exercise to keep up your health and fill yourself with energy. You go to a job that fills you with joy and fulfillment.

However, if you aren’t sure exactly what the best version of yourself is, check out this article on Purpose Fairy.

6. Surprise Someone with a Thoughtful Gesture

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”~ Buddha

Call someone you wish to connect with more. Write a thank you card to appreciate someone. Plan a special surprise for a friend or a loved one.

You would be surprised at how much doing something thoughtful for someone else can make you feel happy.

Don’t worry if it’s uncomfortable or it feels unusual. Just be sincere about it and smile. The receiver will really appreciate the positivity you are spreading and gladly take it.

7. Read your Favorite Book

This one is my personal favorite, as you can probably guess from my second tip.

For some people, their favorite book can be a spiritual text. For others, it can be a self-improvement book. For others, it can simply be a comic book or novel.

But whatever you choose, it should be something that makes you feel not just happy but satisfied with yourself (hint, a big difference compared to watching Netflix or a Youtube video).

After you read different books and find one that impacts you a lot, you can revisit it and read excerpts every now and then. When you do this, you will find that you have a method that makes you feel uplifted every single time you simply choose to pick up a book.

In your journey to be happy, there are a lot of things you can do. However, it’s important to understand that when you allow problems to control your mood, then you will be trapped in a negativity cycle.

Instead, recognize that problems do not have to upset you, because there are a ton of hacks you can use to lift yourself up, ground you when things go wrong, and make a positive impact on the people around you!



Derek is the blogger at While a full time student, he has been on a mission to become more fulfilled with life for the past three years. Now he is spreading his knowledge to other people through practical and moving articles.

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