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There used to be many times on my journey when I got off my soul path and got myself stuck in life, and that’s the moment I knew it was time for a change.

I didn’t feel happy at these times and I felt like I was dying and yet I was almost paralyzed with fear and not knowing which direction to choose. I remember that sensation very clearly. 

Eventually, I did shift, but I really got life to force me before I was willing to choose. We can make change easy or hard. Here is some of what I learned and how you too can understand when it’s time for a change.

7 Ways Life Tells You It’s Time For a Change

1. You Don’t Enjoy Your Own Company

You’re not comfortable in your own skin and you know it.

There might be an internal battle going on where you know you need to change, but staying as you are, feels safer/more comfortable.

You have moments when you look yourself in the eye and it feels like there’s a stranger looking back and you wonder:

“How did I get to here”?

“When did my life get so empty/lonely/hectic/unhappy”?

2. You Are Fearful and Resisting Change

TIP: Be in allowance of this discomfort and don’t fight it. What is it showing you and how can you recognize it much earlier in the future?

You are being called to evolve and you weren’t planning on it, but all of a sudden what you thought you knew isn’t enough any longer.

Your soul is screaming at you that this way of being isn’t working any longer and you know it’s time for a change.

Instead of embracing change, you’re blocking out those messages. 

Enter too much Netflix, smoking, drinking, internet, shopping, whatever distraction you can employ to avoid what you know and aren’t quite ready to face yet…

TIP: Instead of re-visiting your typical ways of blocking out your knowing, explore it instead. 

What if when you are incredibly uncomfortable you sat and journaled? 

What feelings are you avoiding about the future and the present? What could you create instead of filling the present with distraction? 

3. You Avoid Reading the Signs

The Netflix binges are working less and less as time goes by and this is bothering you. You are starting to wonder if you’re depressed or more messed up than you thought.

On a daily basis more doors are slamming shut, things are not working out, life as you know it feels more discomforting and like you don’t belong, but you don’t know how to change, where to begin or who to ask for help, so you endure living out the same day over instead.

TIP: This is life moving you forward and generally the more stuck we have become the more of a nudge life has to give us, so this is quite normal! Be relieved that you are able to outgrow the old you and your life has so much more to offer. 

4. You Quit Too Easily

Occasionally you see a post, invitation, course or idea that lands and it lights up something in your world. Temporarily you get excited.

Your soul lights up and then, you realize that this is the real world, you’re broke, unsupported, sick, pissed off, lethargic, not hanging out with those kinds of people and you decide it would be too hard.

Your body is getting excited because it’s aware that thing would change your life/contribute to you and shutting down that feeling when life is currently so hard/heavy feels really stink.

TIP: What are you unwilling to be/do/have/create that would change everything for you? What if you explored that thing and entertained it, what if you allowed yourself to dream that you could have it? What if you trusted your body and soul more than your logical mind? (Which is just a calculating system based on what you have experienced in the past)

5. You Are Squeezing the Life Out of Yourself

Your calling and why you came here is pretty God darn amazing, but you’d rather just have an easy life.Greatness requires us to find the greatness within and that feels way too hard.

You hate yourself for feeling so stuck and flat. That is the body’s way of letting you know you are off your path. You alternate between awe and utter terror when considering the alternatives.

TIP: So you’re a badass? Who knew? What if you embraced that aspect of yourself? Doesn’t it feel light and fun? What are all the possibilities open to you that you haven’t yet allowed and considered?

6. Nothing Makes You Happy Anymore

This is a symptom of inner discontent that we are projecting outwards.

Those things haven’t changed, but we have. Life is reflecting back to us our inner state so we can see it clearly.

You may wonder if you are negative/toxic even at this point, but you are simply not used to being the one who outgrows your situation and it feels odd.

TIP: Don’t judge yourself for this. What if there is no right or wrong and your soul chose a growth path.

What if you were filled with appreciation for everyone and everything who/that has been in your life and you could have a new possibility at the same time?

7. Stop Repressing Your Inner Champion

Somewhere inside yourself is your inner champion, your “knock it out of the park” self, who knows it is currently unexpressed and ignored. 

What would it take for you to set some new goals, choose some change and embrace that aspect of you again?

What if it was okay that you ignored that part of yourself for a while and now you are going to connect with it again?

Who can help you do this?

Is now the time? 

YES it is!


Rose Aitken

Rose is an Inner Wisdom & Potentiality Coach offering Life Coaching Sessions, in Nelson, New Zealand and online. She is an expert at helping you undo your blocks, release your pain and connect with your potential. Her genius is for challenging and supporting you, nurturing your talent, showing you how to unravel your limitations and where your undiscovered capacities lie. Rose primarily works with empaths to show them how to turn their sensitivity into a super power.

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