How to Allow Peace to Enter Your Heart

When you allow peace to enter your heart, that feeling of loneliness slowly disappears, but how does that actually happen?

The feeling came upon me all at once.  

My elderly cat was quite sick, and I’d had to leave her at the vet for a few days for fluids and monitoring. 

I had no idea what was going to happen, and I thought it was quite likely that I was going to have to put her to sleep.

The day before I was to hear the results, I was on the phone with an acquaintance of mine. While I was talking to her about my cat, I got the most incredible, all-encompassing feeling of “all is well.”

Allow Peace to Enter Your Heart

It just came upon me and took me over. I felt it inside my gut, my heart, it felt as if I was being wrapped in a blanket made of light, hugs, and warm cookies. 

It was one of those “words do no justice” moments that felt more powerful than any feeling of peace I’d had before. All I can say is that I knew, deeply, truly, that all was well and always would be. 

I can’t say for sure where this came from, though I would say it came from that peaceful, quiet place inside me that always seems to have wisdom, even when my mind is full of scared or angry thoughts.

It’s not that I felt all was well with my cat, I got the feeling that all was well no matter what. That I wasn’t alone. That I was supported. That I didn’t have to be afraid. 

That was an incredibly powerful experience, let me tell you. For someone who is spiritual but not religious, someone who has often felt confused and uncertain, tapping into this felt like a miracle. It’s something that seems to come from within, a presence that reassures me that I’m never alone and that answers are always available to me. It’s so loving and calming. 

Though my experience is somewhat limited, I would wager this is available to each of us. That we all have the ability to tap into that well of wisdom inside of us. That we can all feel better even when we feel alone. 

How to Allow Peace to Enter Your Heart

Here are 3 ways I think it’s possible to allow peace to enter your heart and experience true peace in your everyday life, and never feel alone again.

1. Meditate or otherwise get centered.

I know I was definitely NOT meditating when I felt that moment of peace, but I was talking to someone with whom I have a somewhat spiritual connection, someone who was there to support me and my energies.

I also suspect all of the meditating and quieting my mind I’ve done in the past may have opened the doorway for that quiet voice to make its way into my world. 

I know that when I meditate I’m able to get out of my head, and that creates space for other things, like a sense of well-being, to bubble up. I also know that when I’m not overthinking every aspect of my life, everything gets better.

2. Ask for help.

I’m terrible at asking for help, both from other humans and from anything that’s out there that might be able to assist me. 

That’s beginning to change, though. 

I’m realizing it doesn’t matter if you believe in a god in the sky or don’t have a religious bone in your body, it just matters that you’re willing to ask for help. I think it opens some part of you and allows you to see things from a new perspective. 

3. Believe in something more.

I’m the last person who would tell you it’s time to join up with a church, but I do think it’s incredibly beneficial if you can shift your world view to believe that there’s more to life than we can see. 

Perhaps it’s just a placebo effect, but once you’re open to things working out for you, or receiving answers, or getting some sort of unexpected support, it just seems to happen more. At least that’s been my experience. 

Ultimately, I can’t explain what happened that day, but it made me realize complete peace and well-being are always available to me. It seemed as if some sort of beautiful, calm presence that came from within me reached out and hugged me. 

I believe it’s available to all of us, including you. 


Jen Picicci

Jen is an artist, writer, and teacher living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. She creates joy-giving, soul-lifting artwork and teaches people how to follow their own compass. To see her art, follow her on social media, or get her free guide End Confusion and Doubt, visit

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