7 Ways to Overcome Anger Right Away

It is an undisputed fact that we have all been in an angry mood before and the question most people ask is how to overcome anger. We have all experienced the feeling of red hot rage at injustice or aggression or the blind feeling of not wanting to listen to anyone. 

The bottom line is that we have all felt anger before only because we allowed our emotions to override us. 

For the most part, anger is normal, and a form of healthy emotions, but it can be unhealthy when it is out of control—in most cases, being angry causes more harm than good. That’s why it’s so important to overcome anger as soon as it comes your way.

7 Ways to Overcome Anger Right Away

Uncontrolled anger can affect your relationship with people; it can also affect your health. However, the good news is that you can work on yourself by learning how to overcome anger and alleviate it when it comes your way. Here’s how:

1. You Can Control Your Breath.

Controlling your breath is the most relieving strategy that helps your body goes back to normal. This is because your breath is one of the affected parts whenever you are angry. 

7 Ways to Overcome Anger Right Away

How do I control my breath: The answer to the question is not far-fetched. All you need to do is to breathe in and out slowly. 

2. You Can Embrace Confrontation.

Real-life example: If someone stepped on you at the park. The best you can do is to tell the person in a healthy, constructive and positive way.

The person will be surprised and happy to see you confront him/ her using a calm voice. Such a person will never be angry and will appreciate the fact that you communicated respectfully. 

3. You Can Take Some Time Before You Act.

Your watch is a helpful tool in this case; whenever you are angry, look at your watch and allow the second hand to go round twice before you take any action.

During the two minutes, you will have taken enough time to think of how to act appropriately. Plus, watching your time move is Zen. 

4. You Can Change Your Focus and You Overcome Anger.

Anger is negative.

Instead of worrying about the negative, you can shift your focus from negative to positive. Negative brings only negative results but being positive makes you happy. It might look effortless to be angry at someone for long, but the truth I that the more the negative space in your life, the more negative things you attract in your life. 

Additionally, negative energy consumes more personal resources that positive energy. Ask yourself the lesson you learnt from the situation that got to overcome anger and focus on love and positivity. 

5. Put Yourself in The Other Person’s Shoes.

It is an undisputed fact that we all made mistakes in the past. The first thing you need to understand is that you are not perfect. The moment you realize you are not perfect, you put yourself in other people’s shoes.

7 Ways to Overcome Anger Right Away

You might have done similar things in the past, and the best you can do is to motivate the person instead of getting angry. 

The easiest mind exercise you can do is to put yourself in another person’s shoe and think of how they will feel if someone reacts the way you want to react. 

6. You Need to Forgive.

If anyone have wronged you, accept that the person has messed up and don’t escalate the situation. Let your heart be filled with love and be ready to forgive. Release the negative energy to the universe because the longer you don’t forgive, the longer you feel the animosity that can consume you. 

7. Workout.

Cortisol and adrenaline are the hormones released by the body when we are angry. These hormones are also similar to those released after you overcome danger.

The good news is that exercise helps regulate the level of these hormones and keeps you physically fit. The hormone that helps you feel good (endorphins) are also produced. 

How do you overcome anger? Do you have any other ways that help you overcome anger right away?

What about these 7 tips? If you found them useful feel free to share your comment using the comment section below.


Doreen Morisson

Doreen Morrison is a grandmother who wants to make the world a better place so her family can live on a happier earth. She strongly believes that doing work that has meaning and creates a legacy is one of the keys to lasting fulfilment and happiness. Follow her on Facebook.

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