The Powerful Connection Between Change and Finding Your Life Purpose

Humans as we are, we are always inclined to find a purpose. Whether it’s devoting your whole life to a career or staying at home to take care of your parents, everyone wants to find that purpose. 

The truth is, for most of your life, you will be defined by what you do and how you do it. This reflects the choices you make.

Who you are and how you treat others is directly related to your life purpose. Without a life purpose, living a fulfilling and rewarding life is almost impossible.

Finding your life purpose is not a straightforward, one-time thing. It is a dynamic process that may take years. Plus, finding your purpose is a long-term experience that involves trial and error. There will be times when the way seems foggy, and other times when it will be crystal clear. 

If you haven’t found your life purpose yet, take heart! We are here to help you. 

What prevents you from finding your purpose in life is your resistance to change. This is something that you must try to get rid of. Being open to change lets you find your purpose.

But what’s the connection between change and your life purpose? Let’s dive into the specifics. 

The Powerful Connection Between Change and Finding Your Life Purpose

Change scares a lot of people. After all, everyone wants things to remain the same. People hate growing old, changing jobs, and moving away from their hometown. But you have to realize that change is and always will be part of your life. Change is a constant thing in this world. Seasons, trends, and people change.

Change doesn’t mean that you miss on certain things. It means that you are open to greener pastures.

Without change, finding your life purpose will be almost impossible. If you are not open to change, you will always be frustrated.

Been there, done that. 

Being open to change lets you find your true life purpose because it makes you brave enough to pursue your passion, move forward, and let go of the things that are not good for you.

Change, Your Passion, and Your Life Purpose.

Your passion is what fuels your life purpose. However, not everyone realizes their true passion early in life. Your real passion might reveal itself to you in your teenage years, adult years, or even older years. It doesn’t matter when you discover your passion though. What matters is whether you pursue it or not. 

For those who discover their passion late in life, pursuing it is extra hard. However, take it from Colonel Sanders, KFC’s founder, that doing it is possible. 

Sanders worked as a farmer, streetcar conductor, secretary, railroad fireman, salesman, steamboat operator, soldier, and lighting manufacturer. At nearly 60 years old, he started cooking chicken using his now-famous secret recipe. He often slept at the back of his car. At 73, he sold KFC for 2 million dollars, which was a huge amount of money back then. 

Colonel Sanders is a great example of how being open to change lets you pursue your passion. If Colonel Sanders was not open to change, the world wouldn’t enjoy the KFC it is enjoying today. 

Change, Moving Forward, and Your Life Purpose.

Aside from helping you find your true passion, change also helps you to move forward. Moving forward is tricky. How many times have you found your friends struggling to move on from their exes? How about your favorite TV show or movie characters?

Moving forward doesn’t apply to relationships only. It also applies to friendships, a career, and other aspects of your life. 

The truth is, moving forward hurts. However, the pain of moving forward is what leads you to discovering your life purpose. It is also this pain that helps you have a fulfilling and rewarding life. 

Remember, the pain of being stuck in the same place for the rest of your life is greater than the pain of moving forward.  

While it seems better to stay in your comfort zone, it won’t be beneficial in the long run. Sticking to your comfort zone doesn’t let you explore things. As a result, you won’t be able to find your life purpose. 

Change, Letting Go, and Your Life Purpose.

Whether it is the wrong partner, the wrong job, or the wrong friends, letting go is crucial in finding your life purpose. And letting go is not possible if you are not willing to embrace change.

Change creates many opportunities for you. But it’s hard to grab these opportunities if you are stuck in the past or afraid of the future. The solution to this problem? Letting go. 

To find your life purpose, letting go of the things that hold you down is crucial. It could be that 9-5 job that you dread. It could be that apartment you outgrew. Or it could be that friend that always brings you down. Whatever it is, you must muster the courage to let go. 

Letting go doesn’t apply to tangible things only. It applies to your thoughts and feelings as well. This includes how you react to life challenges, how you deal with bad experiences, and how you handle criticisms. Remember, it’s not about how many challenges life throws at you, but how you react to them.

Are you letting go or holding on to bad thoughts and feelings? 

We hate to break it to you, but change is uncomfortable. Not being readily open to it is understandable. However, you must know that being open to change leads you to your true passion, helps you move forward, and allows you to let go.

Consequently, these things help you find your life purpose. With your life purpose in the equation, living a fulfilling and rewarding life awaits you. 

So, if there is one thing that you should never do if you want to find your life purpose and live a fulfilling and rewarding life, it is totally closing yourself off to change. 


Lee Wells

Lee Wells is a motivated changemaker on a mission to help people live to their highest potential. Love personal development? Why not get paid to grow yourself whilst helping others and start a new career as a high-end coach. Clickhere for more.

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