Have the Courage to Make Your Dream a Reality

“All it takes to make your dream reality is a little action to make things happen that you want for your life.  Get into action as soon as possible for you will be that much closer to your dream.  Dream it, speak it, go after it, then enjoy it!”~ Jacquelyn McDaniel Vasquez

The biggest realization I have ever had was when I realized that what I have dreamt all my life was not truly my dream. The family with 2.5 kids, the white picket fence in front, life figured out by the age of 30. 

As I look at the dreams that have been laid in front of me it makes me wonder which one really belong to me.  From the college all parents dreamed their child would attend, all the way down to hearing one won’t be anything in life, this dream that is set by others can seem real to the person receiving the message. 

The message received from parents, friends, even community leaders becomes the only message we seem to hear at times.  This message may conflict in your heart because you truly have desires to do something else. 

You may have a college you want to go to or a career you want to get into, but that message still lingers in your mind, haunting your soul.  How do you distinguish between your dream and what society has laid out for you?

The Dream Belongs to You.

When you think of what makes your heart scream an immediate smile dances across your face as the passion within swells from the possibility of your dream coming true.  To say we don’t truly know what we want is a laughable joke, because we do know, we just never put a name to the feeling deep down within our soul. 

The dancer, the artist, and musician may all want to go be all they can be, but immediately stop at the thought of fear and failure looming around the corner.  To adopt t of others seems easy and painless as we don’t want to go against the grain of life for rocking the boat has never been ok. 

The quote, “Well behaved women don’t make history,” comes to mind as I think of how these women broke past what society and everyone around them said they should be and made their own path.  We all have to decide what our own form of misbehaving looks like. 

Have the Courage to Make Your Dream a Reality

You may be the first in your field, you may invent something needed for every households, you may even write the comic book that is featured in future films. 

However, you will never know what the future holds for you if you don’t realize the dream belongs to you. Figure out what truly sets your soul on fire and go after it with all your heart.  Put into action the things you dream of for your future. 

Dreams aren’t just for children. Imagining what you want to be when you grow up belongs to us all.  The first step is realizing that you may have been living someone else’s dream.  Wake from their dream and go to sleep with your own.

Wake Up!

Now that you have opened your eyes and see that your dream, the next step is the actionable ones. The next step is to walk into this dream and own it. 

What does this look like? 

First, affirm your dream, tell yourself every morning who you are with amazing “I am” statements so you can deprogram your brain from the dreams of others. 

Every morning tell yourself who you are and your dream will begin to become real in your life. Look up affirmations that stretch you, make you strive to be that person. 

One of my affirmations is, “I Am Oprah.”. Am I Oprah? No. But I strive to be like her, spreading a positive message to the world helping others strive to be their best them yet.

Next, find gratitude for the dreams of others, be thankful that people have dreams thus allowing you to dream.  Gratitude for where you have been is the best way to find the beauty in where you are going.  Like climbing steps, you can’t get to the next step till you have climbed the one before.

Not everyone can get up steps, so to be grateful that you are climbing, sets you up to have great success when you get to your destination.  Finally, get into action. 

Nothing is going to work unless you do, therefore as you move forward in life start to be more about action.  Want to really make something work in life, plan for it, set a date and a time and show up.  Want to work out more, set a date and time every day that you work out and do it every day. 

After 90 days see where you are, you will be amazed at your progress. Want to start a business, spend a certain amount of time everyday working specifically on your business, and after 90 days see your progress. 

All it takes to make your dream reality is a little action to make things happen that you want for your life.  Get into action as soon as possible for you will be that much closer to your dream.  Dream it, speak it, go after it, then enjoy it!!!! 


Jacquelyn McDaniel Vasquez

Jacquelyn is an author, motivational speaker, and success coach based out of the Bay Area. As a success coach, she teaches clients how to live life the way they dreamed by realizing the power they have within and releasing the confidence they have always had in order to get everything they want. Find out more about this journey today www.thepursuitclub143.com, Facebook, and Instagram.

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