A Different Approach to the New Year

For most of us, a New Year represents hopes for physical, spiritual and emotional balance. While working out and eating right are a good start, what about a new approach this year? Working from the core of who you are so you rock 2023, all 365 days!

The New Year

There is an entire facet of our bodies that most of us aren’t aware of, let alone aware we can tap into. I never knew what I was missing until I was forced into the biggest adventure of my life: to save my 28-year-old self. My secret discovery is something I want to share with you here.

Our bodies are made up of a complex network of energies. Working with and balancing them could change your life. It’s so easy to do, and better yet, it’s free. While energy therapies are definitely not a new concept, they are finally gaining well-deserved attention. As Dr. Oz put it, “The next big frontier in medicine will be energy medicine.”

Working with these energies is a new window into our health. It is a way for us to take our power back by not being dependent solely on healthcare practitioners. When I started to really explore why my energy was getting “stuck” in the first place and how that was contributing to my physical symptoms, my life changed. I discovered the role of “emotional baggage” as something other than just a cliché. Negative emotional energy can rule our lives and wreak havoc on our bodies until we find a way to discharge it.

5 Different Approaches to the New Year

When I started doing simple exercises to get the energy in my body to flow as it should, my health shifted into a new place.

Here are five quick tips for this new year:

1. Get grounded

Earth has amazing healing properties and energy that helps us balance our bodies. Yet, we’ve lost our connection to nature with our busy schedules. Go barefoot, even if it’s just standing in the grass or the sand.

5 Different Approaches to the New Year

2. Tap!

Tapping on acupressure points on the body can offer a similar effect to needles in acupuncture. Tapping opens up the energy flow where it might be blocked. While I use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that incorporates many points. You can use a shortcut when you’re stressed out.

Take the fingers of one hand and tap them along the “karate chop” point of the other hand. This is the soft fleshy part of the hand just below the pinky finger.

3. Acknowledge your emotions

This seems too simple, but it can make a huge difference. I believe emotional energy gets stuck because we don’t acknowledge and process it. We try not to cry when we think it’s inappropriate or we stifle our anger when the person who hurt us “didn’t mean to.” Humans are expressive beings and anytime we deny ourselves that, we are burdening the body.

5 Different Approaches to the New Year

4. Hook yourself up this new year

One of my favorite energy medicine techniques, by expert Donna Eden, can help chill out a rough emotional ride. It’s called “The Hook Up.” Place the middle finger of one hand at your belly button and the middle finger of your other hand at your 3rd eye (right between your eyebrows).

Gently pull up and hold at each point while you take some deep breaths.

5. Give your cells a dose of white light this new year

Visualizing white light is not only healing but cleansing. Visualize being sprayed with white light and allow it to penetrate all the cells in your body. This is so useful in a situation where you feel affected by other people’s negative energy.

This new year, ditch the diet and try reaching deep within yourself. Instead of grasping externally for the energy to get through 2023, harness the energy you have inside—it might just end up being your best-kept secret too!


Amy B. Scher

Amy B. Scher is an expert in mind-body-spirit healing and is often lovingly referred to as an “accidental guru.” She is the bestselling author of This Is How I Save My Life (January 2013) and has been featured in publications such as CNN, Curve magazine, Divine Caroline, and was named one of Advocate’s “40 Under 40″ for 2013. Most importantly, she lives by the self-created motto: “When life kicks your ass, kick back.” www.amybscher.com

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