5 Powerful Things That Matter In Life, and People Too Often Forget

“While getting lost in all those little things that seem so important, don’t forget the little things that matter…”~ Virginia Alison

The Dalai Lama once said that “the purpose in life is to be happy.”

We all only get one chance to take advantage of everything this life has to offer. Unfortunately, the daily stresses and roadblocks of our experience have a way of distracting us from the things that matter the most. Especially with the hustle and bustle of a full-time job or when orchestrating a crowded schedule of family obligations, we tend to lose focus of the happiness we’re working so hard to protect. 

What Are the Things That Matter In Life?

The people around us and our personal experiences should get the love they deserve in order to assure we live well-rounded and happy lives. Paying attention to the little things is the key to living fully and joyfully.

Explore these five powerful things that matter in life but that people too often forget, so you can make sure to always keep them in mind. 

5 Powerful Things That Matter In Life, That People Too Often Forget

1. The Power of Vulnerability

Being vulnerable with others is one of the bravest things you can do. The most special moments in life are typically defined by vulnerability and opening up to others. When we refuse to be vulnerable, we stop others from seeing our true selves and isolate ourselves from shared human experiences. How many times have you been down and thought:

This only happens to me…

Exercising vulnerability and making the call to share our feelings with others only ever leads to stronger connections forged over time. While it may be scary at first, taking that step out of our comfort zone is what truly connects us all in this life we’re living. 

Nothing Changes for the Better Unless You Do the Work
5 Powerful Things That Matter In Life, and People Too Often Forget

2. Memories are More Valuable than Money

While having career goals is a healthy way to make a living, getting too caught up in the financials of your situation can lead you down a road of dissatisfaction and a life unlived. While we need money in order to support ourselves and our loved ones, there comes a point in which the pursuit of funds gets in the way of the benefits of them.

Investing in cherished memories and once-in-a-lifetime experiences is a much more fulfilling return on investment as these are future reflections you’ll always appreciate. It’s important to work hard at anything you do, but don’t work so hard you’re unable to enjoy time off with loved ones. 

3. Always Stay True to Yourself

Embracing authenticity and staying true to your personal principles is a critical step in setting yourself up for contentment and exercising vulnerability. By not letting others dictate the way you live your life, you’re courageously living a life uncharted but authentically your own.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself and let those in who appreciate you the way you deserve, as these are loved ones that will turn to some of your most cherished connections. In an interview with older individuals conducted by Today about the eight lessons they’d give their younger selves, dishonesty was a top regret in regret. When you’re not true to your character, you’re lying to the worst person of all: yourself. 

4. Find a Balance in Mind and Body

The connection between our mind and our body is an important relationship that needs to be mindfully attended to throughout our entire lives. Getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and making time to get some cardio exercise scheduled throughout the week are all easy ways to check in on our bodies, love ourselves, and regulate our mental energy.

While most of our stressors may be mental in nature, our bodies have a way of communicating with us when they’re being neglected. Taking measures to foster a healthy lifestyle not only lengthens the time we spend on Earth, but makes that time spent all the more fulfilling. 

5. Always Listen

Listening and empathizing with loved ones is an important way to guarantee that you’re not on auto-pilot throughout the important moments of life. People can feel when others are paying attention to them, and listening and keeping an open mind toward our loved ones is a simple way to cultivate kindness within our most important relationships.

When we listen to the world around us, we’re able to capture a stronger concept of the lives we’ve chosen to live and make smarter decisions based on this attentiveness. 

5 Powerful Things That Matter In Life, and People Too Often Forget

There isn’t much point in life if you’re not living authentically. Fostering healthy relationships with others and yourself might not be a simple task, but it just might be the most important task we are given.

From taking time to care for our bodies to stepping outside of our comfort zone once in a while, these five easily forgotten principles will hopefully help you live your life to the fullest. As Mae West once said it:

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”


Aaron Smith

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