3 Ways to Effortlessly Walk as Being Love Itself

“Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” -Ramana Maharshi

From a life changing car accident to being diagnosed HIV positive and freeing myself from it, it apparently took me 26 years to dislodge my misperceptions of who it is that’s saying I am.

Being Love

The wizard of Oz in us has been playing around with the 4 elements, fooling all beings constantly, from moment to moment.

Here are 3 ways to guide yourself back to who you truly are, to effortlessly walk as being love itself. That Love, which alone shines through the many. 

How to Effortlessly Walk as Being Love Itself

1. “Poor Little Me” is Not You.

How many of us have heard this phrase, you are not enough? If that voice was in your head or if that voice came from outside, from the others…. It’s still that same voice. And that’s not who you are. The center of all thoughts, of all actions, of all hallucinations is you.

Why would you take yourself as this poor little me?

We exist through the eyes of others because like yin and yang, we are the front and the back of the same coin, which I call That, the Beloved Self which is who you are. So when you choose to perceive yourself as poor little me, you bring the rest of us with you down that rabbit hole. No wonder why you imagine your World has problems. The first of them is your misperception of who you truly are. 

How to Effortlessly Walk as Being Love ItselfMorning Affirmations to Transform Your Life

When you wake up in the morning, you start feeling the sensation of Being Here, being Aware. Though, prior to this moment, you were also there. Except that you didn’t feel the breathing, the sensations of Being present. And all day long with that Consciousness you will keep on changing personalities and roles, inventing past and future lives. Is that the Self who’s breathing, digesting, regenerating the body in deep sleep?

Your image of your self has no idea how to operate any parts of itself. Therefore you take yourself as a victim of it. You are taking yourself for the body and its sensations, the real you is not the body, it is That which is observing all this impermanent mind-body phenomena, entertaining itself with it.

While my car accident revealed to me that I was living just one breath away from death, I realized that I owed my borrowed existence to a greater Self. Later on when I was diagnosed with HIV and played the victim well, following blindly what doctors said I should do with my borrowed existence.

Bruce Lipton and an LSD experience enlightened me on the misperception of what we take Reality to be. When I started taking my body as my temple, in my own hands, I became who I am, the hero of my story, not this poor little me. 

First tip, play along with who You truly are: Laugh at your small self a little (the body and mind that’s never satisfied), and take the back seat, let go of the wave and become the ocean, that which is so vast and silent, that which is present here at all times wherever you think you go, that is always with you, why, because it is who you truly are. You are being Love, that love for existence. 

2. The Body is A Puppet of 4 Elements

“When I eat, I make myself sick, when I digest it, I heal.” – Rudolf Steiner.

When the Air element ignites Fire, mixing in Earth and Water, we get the most hallucinogenic concoction which we, humans, call Food. That’s where the Mind of Consciousness is born, then The Words appear, and the Body is perceived. The 4 types of foods, Consciousness, Volition, Sense Impressions and Edible foods are all poisons to the pure Self we are. Thus, today we have invented all sorts of practices to detox ourselves. 

Back when I thought to take my body in my own hands, I went from being omnivore to vegan to fruitarian and now mostly living on liquids as I enjoy experimenting with this. In truth, all this transitioning revealed to me how edible food is the last thing consciousness really needs to sustain itself.

So whether I went from this diet to this diet, to intermittent, water or dry fasting, to a bottle of chlorumagene or a bottle of Castor oil, it was simply going from a diet of Air, Fire, Water, Earth to a diet of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Prana is the same in every element, from the smallest atom to all the galaxies. 

The temptations of Samsara, the addiction to the 4 elements, are always appearing and disappearing from your Mind, and because you became conscious of being a body, you constantly have choices to make. Do I want this or that? I am feeling this way but I should feel this way.

The more you give your attention to it, the more you fuel the fire, the passions, the desires, the more fruits will ripen, and you will harvest what you sow. Thanks to these poisons, what obstructs the body, we get to imagine all types of moving colors and images.

We become the Creator, That Love for existence, and also for suffering. As we come to experiment directly on ourselves, either fasting, purging or indulging, we eventually come to balance our Self, find the middle way, and accept who we are. 

Second tip is to accept That Love for existence is Love for suffering too. If you suffer from the 4 elements, observe and love them, without judgments. Whether your ego likes it or not your body is a puppet made of these elements.

When you offer yourself to them, they lose their grip on you. When you try to control them, you lose. Simple. It’s like loving someone so much that it pushes him or her away. You may even have rejected someone because they loved you too much. So go on loving the 4 elements more than they love you. The 4 elements are ghosts your mind imagined anyway, you are not them, nor your body, you are that Love which observes this interplay. 

3. Being LOVE is Possible, No Effort.

It takes more energy to play the victim than to be the hero, to play the lover than to love. I struggled for years seeking a lover, and when I found it, I struggled being afraid of love itself. They say to love someone you have to love yourself. Easier said than done when most of us take ourselves as being a body which is only a ghost image of our Self. Really, unless you Self-realize, you cannot love yourself. You then do more harm than good around you.

Humans are like fish in the ocean, looking for water. Though we are looking for Love. By doing so we constantly miss it. That’s because we have a discriminative power call the Mind. And we don’t know how nor when to use it properly. If you want to find Love and you are using the Mind, it’s like using a knife to go to the toilet. It’s ridiculous.

Being love comes from your mind.

So, not to discredit the mind or the logical part of our existence, it shouldn’t be used to find your Self, Love, nor Peace, nor Silent. When we say “I love you”, we mean I chose you from the rest.

That’s the selective process of the Mind. To the Mind, loving one person and passing on the other 7 billions, is Love. In reality, I don’t love you, you don’t love me. You and I are in love. When we say Be Love, we are not saying become Love. There is no effort to make to BE who you already are. 

Love is everywhere, like in a sunset. Have you not felt Love while watching this light going down the horizon? It’s not like Love is a form or can be boxed somewhere. Love is what we breathe and move through all times and space. You can’t see it because the mind tries to limit it to a shape or a sound. It isn’t that. Love is not born, nor can it die. It simply is everywhere all around.

How to Effortlessly Walk as Being Love Itself The Secret To Healthy And Loving Relationships Why True Love Is Eternal

You are being Love. We are being Love and in Love.

We are swimming in an Ocean of Love, realize this. How can you not want to share that Love with the rest?

When you can feel That Love at every corner of your reality, in every being you meet and when you see it as Love itself, then that’s being in love. You are That love which shines through this entire universe. Always remember That. 

Last tip is to drop the ego mind, and be That Love, which means to be in the world but not of the world. You are just an observer, but not a doer of any deeds. When you identify with your mind, you have tendencies and pride over the activities of life. Remember deep sleep, when you are not this body, nor your mind, so how could you be the doer now?

Actions happen spontaneously just like breathing, like nature, but nature isn’t claiming to be Mother nature. Forget becoming Love, you already are That. Just BE. Observe and remain silent for a few minutes each day.

Enjoy the show. Enjoy the conflicts. Enjoy the pleasures. Enjoy Life as it is, not how you want it to be.

Being Love is Santé! 

Santé is a book of spiritual revelations with 45 daily practices to guide anyone seeking his true home, the Beloved Self, the Love which we are. It’s a collaborative work which brings in perspectives coming from like minded beings from yoga, naturopathy and permaculture.

It dispels the illusion we have on many levels, for many concepts. When one can read between the words, this book can be a cure to all diseases and suffering. You start to love Life from a different light. 

The practices offered in the book as well as through our retreat and the Naturo-Coaching sessions are meant to dislodge our beliefs, accept our Mind-body, guiding us to Being Love itself, free from all separations, though remaining fully alive within this human body.

In reality, we are all loving ourselves, our images, but we tend to forget it. So, “I” don’t love you. You and I are in Love. We are Love. 

From realizing this, Love wants to meet itself, through as many forms and sounds as it can. One of the sounds we came up with was “Santé!” and it started spontaneously as a book of many teachings, now it’s gearing up to acquire some land in a tropical area like Costa Rica to create a fruitarian eco-village. On this land, all will be welcome to retreat for breathing, eating, and observing nature with their Self, a community swimming in Love.

This baby is growing fast, and is inviting any like minded to be a parent, or a brother, sister and offer some willing hand to bring it to life. You can now back this project, join the Love, join your Self, right here: https://bit.ly/SanteKickstarter

May you all be happy, peaceful and free of suffering. 



Fabien Soudiere

From a life on stage as magician to creator of making 360 (another kickstarter story), a book on Virtual Reality later turned into a collective of 50 creators, Fabien felt called to share some revelations on the nature of Reality. After quitting it all (career, money), he deepened his understanding living in ashrams, practicing Vipassana, Tantrism and Zen practices. he is writing this new chapter of Life with you, through this Santé! book, and future projects like an annual retreat and fruitarian eco-villages.

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