Believe It Until You Receive It

“Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution.” ~ David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big

It’s interesting what happens when you commit to your growth, start checking in with yourself for truth, and working with the spiritual realm for guidance. You will begin to see through the phonies and those who are trying to be something they just aren’t yet. 

Believe It

This whole “fake it ‘til you make it” vibe is the old patriarchal energy and it’s time to bring back the feminine of believing until we receive. Instead of “faking it,” we should be ALIGNING with the version of ourselves that has the things we want to possess and experience.

This is VERY different energy and feels so much more empowering. This shift allows us space to grow and expand and have compassion for ourselves in our journey. Now instead of saying I’m afraid to do that. I can’t do that. I’m not ready to do that.” We say, “I’m working on my alignment.” 

Don’t you see the shift there immediately?

Believe It Until You Receive It

There is freedom in that because instead of trying to force ourselves into doing things and being someone that is uncomfortable and untrue, we are allowing ourselves the ability to become our TRUE, authentic self. 

It’s in our authenticity that we make the biggest impact. How magical to be able to experience all that we desire by simply being our true expression of our highest self. By being honest about where we truly are in our journey we give permission for others to accept where they are too.

When we operate from a wounded place of still believing that we have to hide where we are in order to inspire others to become who they truly are, we place limits on both ours and others growth. 

Believe It!

Believe It Until You Receive It: The Magic of Believing In Yourself

Give yourself permission to be real and raw and truly connect with people where you are. If you’re struggling with something share your experience in a way that shines light on giving permission to accept this part of your journey and honor it in yourself and others.

If something bothers you, talk to the other person, if you’re feeling triggered, go inward first and ask what part of yourself is needing attention and to be loved before simply reacting to the trigger.

Believe It Until You Receive It: The Magic of Believing In Yourself

You can block people, unfriend them, not talk to them, pretend they don’t exist, but if we don’t address the true cause of the trigger, we will continue to attract people to poke at the pain until we are finally ready to acknowledge it and transcend it. 

It’s ok that you’re still healing even if you’re helping others to heal. It’s ok if you still get triggered. The sign of someone who is far enough on their journey of awakening to assist in leading others down this path is that they are self-aware enough to come to recognize when these things are happening and are able to communicate and be real and vulnerable through that process.

This also means taking responsibility and being accountable for the times that we fell back into a pattern that is still showing us that it needs healed.

Believe It Until You Receive It: The Magic of Believing In Yourself

When we shift blame and refuse to accept responsibility, we are actually giving away our power, but by having compassion for our journey and accepting ourselves through every step, be grow our power and make space for others to do so as well.

Believe it and understand that this is genuine Alchemy and by allowing yourself to be true to who you are, that is when you become the magic. 


Nancy Cooper

As a young child Nancy began remembering a man whom she had never met, but missed very dearly. She later came to realize this man was someone whom she remembered from a past life and that she had come to this life to heal the wound of his loss and the trauma she had experienced around it. This revelation led her to discovering the connection between past life trauma and it’s effects on our current life experiences and has written and published book one of a series that shines light on this topic, Witch’s Wound. Witch’s Wound represents the wound women carry from past life traumas into their current life that result in a deep fear of being seen and recognized for their gifts and abilities. You can follow Nancy on Instagram and Facebook for more of her work and wisdom.

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