5 Best Breathing Exercises To Relieve Anxiety

Have you ever tried breathing exercises to get rid of overthinking, panic attacks, stress, or anxiety?

Unfortunately, most of us don’t because we do not ponder anything else except when we are stressed. 

But did you know that breathing exercises always help to poise your restless mind? Although there are several medicines to improve mental health by controlling the mind during stress, trying some respiratory tricks are of great help.

So check out the guide to know some effective breathing exercises to calm your mind and relieve anxiety.

What Is the Logic Behind Relieving Anxiety and Breathing Exercises?

Have you ever thought about why Breath control is a popular method of controlling tension and anxiety? Regulating the breath pattern by practicing breathing tricks sends signals to your brain. This helps you immensely to calm down. 

Moreover, your parasympathetic nervous system responds with relaxation messages as soon as you use deep breathing techniques. In this way, high blood pressure and increased heart rate are reduced while a sense of consciousness and relaxation prevails. 

5 Best Breathing Exercises To Relieve Anxiety

If you are concerned regarding fitting in s to your busy schedule, some breathing exercises then you should not be. It is because these take only a few minutes to do. Here I have jotted down 5 easy and less time-consuming breathing exercises that will help you coordinate your mind.

1. Coherent Breathing

The first of the five breathing exercises is coherent breathing and it is super effective in lowering blood pressure and heart rate, thereby calming down your brain and nervous system. Also, if you have insomnia, depression, alertness, and lack of concentration, it works wonders.

So what’s best with coherent breathing? Your body will produce more GABA after one month of the practice of coherent breathing. 

5 Best Breathing Exercises To Relieve Anxiety

2. Box Breathing

Being known as square breathing, it is a simple breathing tactic that you can do anywhere. The 3 main stages involved in box breathing are exhalation, inhalation, and breath retention. 

If you are undergoing a stressful situation which is driving your mind crazy, try this one to clear your mind. Plus, it also optimizes concentration and reduces your heart rate. The best time to do this is in the early morning on an empty stomach. You may use aromatic candles to create a soothing ambiance.  

3. Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing firms the diaphragm muscle located below the lungs. You may come across it in the name of belly breathing but remember, both of them are the same. So diaphragmatic breathing exercise helps you to engage the diaphragm while breathing deep into the stomach. 

This deep breathing makes your lungs get filled with air that relaxes your mind and body as well.

4. Straw Breath

Breathing out through a straw to alleviate anxiety and fear is what this exercise is all about. According to the name, you require a straw to follow this technique accurately. But If you are not having a straw at the moment, you may pout your lips to exhale. Therefore, many experts recognize it as purse or pout lips breathing. 

Follow this technique during fight, hypertension, restlessness, and trust me, you will observe the benefit within 5-6 minutes of doing it. 

5. Victory Breath

The last of the 5 breathing exercises is the Victory breath or Ujjayi Pranayama (in Sanskrit) is an age-old respiratory tactic to relax the mind. It is a slower breathing procedure than the above ones that detach you from the chaos in the world and soothes your mind by increasing focus. 

Do not go beyond your capability; do it as much as possible till your comfort zone breaks. Then enjoy the smooth breath by relaxing in your throat and focusing quietly in the middle of your eyebrows.

5 Best Breathing Exercises To Relieve Anxiety

In addition, to bring more subtlety to the entire procedure, you may also chant a hymn of your choice. It will help you feel the energy coming out from between your eyebrows. Continue this for 5-10 minutes every day and see the changes in your overall behavior! 

Anxiety and stress are not good things to leave untreated. Especially if you find that the smallest to smallest things are alarming you, you are in dire need of help. On the other hand, practicing these respiratory exercises regularly brings a lot of positive changes to your mind and body. Often, you do not need any medication if you practice them consistently. 

Are you having any queries about the exercises? Drop your question in the comment area, and we will love to hear from you. 


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