Confident and Happy: 5 Effective Tips on How to Be Confident and Happy

Being confident and happy is something that often go together in life. On top of that, they are traits that can improve the quality of your life drastically. With a little bit of effort, you can achieve that fairly quickly.

In past years, I’ve spent quite a lot of time improving skills like being more confident and happy, and a better version of myself. I believe every awesome person like you deserves it, so I’m here to share my battle-tested methods that are based on my own experiences.

Are you ready to be more confident and happy? Let’s begin.

5 Meaningful Tips on How to Be Confident and Happy

1. To be confident and happy, take care of your body

What a cliché… Yes, I know.

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but I’ll give you a brief introduction of why it’s so important. See, your body is the vehicle that guides you through life. Therefore, treating it well makes sense.

You don’t have to be in incredible shape or anything like that to be happy and confident. Just remember to sleep enough, eat properly, and exercise. When it comes to your mental health, your body plays a major role.

Sleeping enough helps you with stress, exercising helps you to be confident, and eating well gives you the energy to get things done. Your mind and body are connected and their well-being helps the other part. If you live 90% of the time healthily, you’re already doing great!

2. To be confident and happy, practice mindfulness or meditation

5 Effective Tips on How to Be Confident and Happy 5 Powerful Ways to Listen to Your Inner Voice and Follow Your Intuition - Purpose Fairy 5 Powerful Ways in Which Meditation Can Help You Gain Self Control

Any sort of meditation is an overlooked aspect of happiness. It doesn’t necessarily mean wearing an orange robe and repeating mantras. Sure, you can do that but meditating can be as simple as breathing deep in a peaceful environment and letting your thoughts flow.

When you do that and don’t block or amplify your thoughts, you’ll learn to be present and avoid getting stuck in your head. Meditating and mindfulness have tons of benefits on your mental health that you can achieve with just 5-20 minutes per day! Benefits like improved happiness, stronger resilience, reduced stress, and a feeling of serenity. 

3. To be confident and happy, stop comparing yourself

Probably the fastest way to insecurity is to compare yourself to other people and compete in your head. When I stopped comparing my abilities back in time, my confidence and happiness skyrocketed.

First, you’ll have to realize that they don’t determine you. We all have something we’re great at and something that we dislike about ourselves. That’s the way that a human mind works. Whether you’re a high school student or a CEO, you’ll always have something you like and dislike about your current situation.

Realizing this helps you to understand that having flaws is normal. Sometimes people are just good at hiding them. Therefore you shouldn’t compare yourself because it’s useless. 

The only person you should compare yourself to is what you were yesterday. When you do this, you’ll rise above the useless social pressures and channel your effort into your own success. Thus, you’ll end up being more confident and happy.

4. Be confident with your flaws

Many people suffer from insecurity because of their flaws. Flaws are something that you can’t escape or avoid having, so you’ll have to accept them.

The way you do it is luckily pretty simple. First, realize that it’s OK to have them. We’re humans and we all have flaws. It’s natural for us. Even the biggest achievers on this planet have them. 

Take a look at people around you. They all have something they’re terrible at, they all have made mistakes, and they all probably have something they’d be ashamed to tell about themselves.

Secondly, remember that people don’t judge you based on your flaws. They judge you based on how you see yourself with your abilities. When committing a mistake, their reaction will mostly depend on you. If you try to hide it or blame it on others, people will sense your insecurity. But if you admit it, fix it, and move forward with dignity, they’ll respect you.

Realizing this helps you to be happier since you’ll learn to accept things you don’t like about yourself. On top of that, you’ll also learn to be confident.

5. To be confident and happy, create a sense of purpose

It can be something big like building a billion-dollar enterprise or something as simple as learning to be happier. As long as it inspires you, it’s good.

The final tip goes a bit deeper in your life, but it’s super effective when done properly. To do it, you’ll have to discover a certain purpose. A purpose is something that motivates you to take action in your life and excites you every single day.

When you do this properly, you’ll discover a deeper meaning for yourself. This will drastically improve your happiness because you’re on a mission in life. This will also prevent you from worrying about little daily inconveniences because you got more important things to do.

If you don’t have a sense of purpose yet, don’t worry. You can create one as easily as setting a specific goal that excites you. A goal that you pursue constantly. As long as you have something meaningful to work on, you’re doing great.

5 Effective Tips on How to Be Confident and Happy 5 Powerful Ways to Listen to Your Inner Voice and Follow Your Intuition - Purpose Fairy Nothing Changes for the Better Unless You Do the Work

Being More Confident and Happy

I hope you’ve found this post inspiring and valuable. I’m excited to share these tips with you on how to be more confident and happy, because they’ve had a massive impact on my life. Thus, I believe you can also benefit from them. 

Here’s my challenge for you: Try at least one of them today, and see how you feel. 


Veikko Arvonen

Veikko is a blogger with a burning passion for self-development. He's the author of his blog Maxed Out 20s, where he shares how you can become more confident, respected, attractive, and happier. You can also contact him there. Visit his blog to learn more and get your free ebook!

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