6 Powerful Tips for Having Stress Free Relationships

Is there such a thing as stress free relationships?

Have you ever experienced feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and helplessness? Did you go through periods of mind-numbing stress? Did unemployment, the loss of a dear one, or a complicated relationship put you in a state of turmoil?

Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Having Stress Free Relationships

Many people, including me, have suffered severe stress on more occasions than one. The feeling of helplessness badly affects your mental breakup and brings you to isolation. 

But at this point in life, do remember that you have the required support system available in the shape of family and friends. Maintaining a solid relationship with them can help you achieve much-needed peace in life. And it’s not as challenging as you may assume it to be. 

In this guide, let’s take a look at some tips to help you work on your relationship for a stress free life. 

6 Powerful Tips for Having Stress Free Relationships

1. Show Some Love to the Family 

Most of us have the strongest relationship with our immediate family members. They’re usually our biggest support system. If you’re stressed, they will be the first people to cheer you up. And if you aim to avoid stress permanently, you must make the bond with your family even more robust. 

This relationship-building takes time and effort, but it is a sure-fire way to achieve tranquillity. Fixing your relationship with the family means alleviation of stress. Spend quiet afternoons in the sun or go out for dinners. You will find these small habits more therapeutic than “Netflix and Chill.” 

2. Steer Clear of Toxic People  

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In order to have a stress free life, you need to steer clear of toxic people. They can ruin your peace in no time. It is as if they are always on the lookout for the negative side of things. They want everyone else to join them too. You must learn to identify toxic people and stay away from them. 

It may be tough to sever ties with toxic people in most cases completely. However, minimizing your interaction with such people helps a lot. When you meet them, don’t take anything they say to the heart, or the head, for that matter. You will succeed in staying stress free if their negativity doesn’t get to you.  

3. Forgive Others 

You have to forgive people, especially friends and family, for their misdeeds for a stress free life. No one is perfect, and many people may intentionally or unintentionally end up hurting you. As a result of their actions, relationships get negatively affected.

Whether it’s their words spoken in anger or them not being there for you when it mattered, you have to let go of that stuff. Perhaps they, too, were going through a rough patch in life. You will always be bitter, angry, and stressed if you don’t forgive, forget, and move on.  

Remember: ‘When someone does something wrong, don’t forget all the things they did right!’

4. Forgive Yourself 

Others made mistakes, yes, but so did you! And just like you forgive others, you cannot hold yourself accountable forever. 

Regardless of your mistake, you cannot keep beating yourself for the past. The net result of this action is zero. Make peace with yourself and fix any broken relationship you have with yourself. It will feel amazing and help you achieve much-needed inner peace.  

5. Learn to Listen

Listening to others is an essential component of maintaining a good relationship. Paying attention to what others have to say helps you avoid any confusion. You cannot have a strong bond with anyone without lending an ear—a small price for keeping your relationships smooth and strong.  

6. Arrange Meet-ups with Friends 

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget your pals. Friends are your real assets. As the cliché goes, they are the family we choose. Never let go of your friends due to busy schedules, as meeting them is a perfect antidote to release stress instantly.

6 Powerful Tips for Having Stress Free Relationships

Maintaining a strong relationship with friends keeps tensions at bay. It will not only push the stress away, but it will also help you live longer. It is not bad to achieve longevity and mental peace by simply having some fun with friends.  

We all have some sort of stress. It may take different shapes for different people, but it is undoubtedly present. You must have a robust support system like your friends and family to help you get through the tough mental state. 

Forgive others and yourself for mistakes made in the past and rejuvenate your relationships. You need to life a stress free life. Of course, do not forget to keep toxic people out of your life to avoid all the tensions they cause. Once you do this, you will lead a content life. 


Daniel Lichtman

Daniel is a relationship counsellor at Integrated Way. He is a Registered Psychotherapist (PACFA Australia) and Certified Transformational Coach (Circling Institute, USA) with over 8,000 hours experience. He also helps a wide range of clienteles overcome their personal and professional challenges to live a happier life.

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