Change Your Mind and Change Your Life in No Time

There is no independent outer world as it’s all the projection of our minds so what if when you change your mind, you change your life as well?

You need to understand that what you see outside you, it’s created just by your mind. So if you see the outer world as a scary place, it will be valid for you. If you feel the world is a peaceful place, it means just one thing – you are calm inside. 

It’s our minds that dictate the quality of the world we live in.

You can’t see or feel or experience anything that’s not part of your psyche. If someone is rude to you, it means the same quality exists within you. It’s all an inside game. When you compliment someone with things like “you are pretty” or something in that league, it can mean that you are happy at that moment and it’s overflowing. When you say “you amount to nothing,” it shows what thoughts run in your mind about that person. Just change your mind. Change the thoughts.

In truth, it has nothing to do with them. 

Haven’t you noticed when you are happy, you find ways to share it?

Change Your Mind

3 Ways to Deal with Your Anxious Thoughts in The Face of Change

Like, you won a massive award, and you feel how the world is heaven. On the other hand, when you are angry or in fear, the world turns hostile. It’s just the same world you said is heaven that became suffocating when your thoughts flipped sides.

You can’t experience something that’s not part of your mind. Let’s say a ten-year-old boy and a thirty-year-old adult are watching the same movie. There is no need for any research to understand that although both saw the exact content, it’s completely two different takeaways.

The boy perceives only at his level of understanding. It’s the same for everything in life. If it’s not part of you, it won’t exist for you because you create your own experiences through your thoughts. 

So if you are experiencing a challenging, stressful life, you can change it in an instant by changing your thoughts. Is it that simple?

Yes, it is.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Change Your Mind and Change Your Life in No Time

For instance, you lost your job. In the next moment, you start telling stories of how the boss was unreasonable, how the company was cruel to you after being so loyal, how life is unfair or how God is unfair; what if you changed the thoughts?

In the same situation, you can also think like; now I can look for better opportunities, what has happened cannot be undone, it’s a blessing now that I can start my own business, I needed a break badly and so on (Honestly no amount of negative thinking will change what happened anyway).  

On one side, life is unfair to me, and on the other, life is an adventure full of potential. When you feel life is a mess, you are right and life will give you enough signs to believe it. If you think life is a blessing and everything in it helps me grow, life will show you exactly that. 

After all, we don’t have control over life. We only have control over our thoughts, feelings and the way we perceive a situation we find ourselves in. If we can change the thoughts or perception about a situation, the situation changes accordingly. 

Change Your Mind and Change Your Life in No Time

The wise way to live is to stop complaining about the outer world and take responsibility for the inner world. When the internal world changes (projector), life changes too (projection). Life isn’t fair or unfair; it is as it is unless you decide to project your story on it.


Rahul Chelat

Rahul is just another human looking for purpose in life. After struggling with it for over 30 years, he finally realized, life is what you make out of it and that it’s always NOW, never tomorrow or the next second. A copywriter by profession and a philosopher by attitude, he is juggling with the worldly pursuits and spiritual pursuits in his daily life, contented with the fact that, we are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while.

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